Will You Into My Will (Chapter 2)


I watch out from the window, too bored to pay any attention to what Mrs Matthew has been talking about for so long. Why would i? It’s not even helping me..Who needs geometry? The triangles and all those theorems? Not me anyways. I want to be a doctor, if, hopefully all my plan works out straight. So, I will just have to mug it up before exams, i guess.

What i need to know, really right now is ‘what my future will be like?And will ‘Will’ be a part of it’. What would really help me is, someone coming up with a magical recipe that will make me age by a year in one day..

The sky gets more clearer by the day passes, as i count the ticking of seconds on my watch unlike my head, that gets more foggier with every next shift on it’s lazy arm.

‘A sunny  day like this, we should be lying next to each other sunbathing in the park’  i text  him, a short and sweet message, after minutes and minutes of brain storming. I remind myself to sound more casual, just enough to say, i miss him but i am not needy. Mrs Matthews throws a quick scan to the class with her hawk eyes and i dodge one more time under the blanket of my books.

My cell phone beeps instant with incoming alert message. A message!! My eyes gleams with excitement. Will always has that effect on me..even with something as trivial as his one word reply text. I don’t know how he does what he does to me. I can never explain.

‘A sunny day like this, we should be lying over each other sunbathing by the empty pool. If you know what i mean’. It read.

‘Yes i know!!’ i jump with excitement inside my head drooling over the imagination. Fantasies of  his body pressed over mine, our lips stuck together in the scorching summer heat..


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