Will You into My Will (chapter 4)


How did the time fly by, i don’t know. Will is such a charmer when he starts to talk. Or am i just too hypnotised by him that i don’t notice his flaws at all. But then, this is good isn’t it? So mad in love that you don’t see anything, hear nothing beside him. Perhaps, this is how  Juliet felt for Romeo. So much in love that there was no time to be scared of it, to think of consequences…  I am not sacred either. Whether storm or rain, through thick or thin, i will stick by Will, no matter what happens.. The only thing that worries me, is losing him. And i wish, i never do. 

By the time i was done with  my ‘Poulet Au Vinaigre,’ whatever that fancy thing was, i could see no remains of my food in the plate.

‘Don’t shove everything inside your mouth’ i remind myself, thankful that he didn’t notice my ill table manners. Then, graciously  reaching out for the glass of Baileys that Will had just poured in for me, i raise it in the air to make a toast. ‘Creme Caramel, 17% alcohol content’ i recall  Mia mention about it. ‘This better be good‘ i prayed.

‘And yes it was’. I didn’t know, whiskey could actually taste so good. I was fluttering by my own self, at my first discovery . Wondering how cool i must be looking now, and how cool would i look, holding this glass of this sweet thing among my friends.. This was a big thing!

Are you listening to me, Carem?‘ Will asks , concerned.

‘Yes Mr Patterson has pancreatic cancer’ i answer immediate, assuring him, he has my full attention. ‘Yes, do you know its a terminal cancer?’ he says furrowing his brows.

‘I thought all cancers were terminal… ‘. My voice starts making a slurring sound.

‘Not all my dear. You are so cute’. Will holds my hand and squeezes it a little, smiling.

Was it the baileys that was getting me boozy or that last dessert of chocolate truffles, that helped it hit a punch, i freeze there and blush at his touch.

‘May be you should take me home before i trip in here’ i murmur. Suddenly my shame knowing no bound in me.

I know what i am exactly getting into here in my full conscience and what i want from him exactly at this moment of time. Alcohol is only helping me. I wasn’t the type to beat around the bushes and i wasn’t going to let him miss my hint either.. If any day i was to regret this, i knew i could always blame it to alcohol. I am a smart bitch, you can guess.

‘Yeah i should…before you sleep on me’ he says, stretching his arms around me and helping me stand. My legs feel funny. I laugh and i laugh and i swear, i  have never felt so funny on my entire life before.


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