Will You into My Will. (Chapter 5)

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‘Carem do you know, you are really drunk right now?’ Will says, buckling my seat belt, next to him.

‘I am not’ i protest, while my slurring speech says otherwise. I try to open my restraint while he buckles his own seat belt, preparing to drive. Finally, giving up to my inability of co-ordination after trying a number of times, i slouch.

I don’t want to go home today’ i whine.

‘Is it? Where do you want to go then?’ Will asks, pretending to throw a curious look, knowing my obvious answer.

‘To bed, that is not mine. And i want to stay awake all night.’ I answer, unsure if my obvious reply would offend him. And worried, as to why  he hasn’t  taken a step to me after all the obvious clues of my intentions i had left for him.

Well if you are going to bed other than yours, then that would only be mine’ His voice resonates playfully, still carefree.

‘Think again..‘ i answer to provoke him, this time, steering away my eyes from him, to the window.

It would only be mine..wouldn’t it?’ He sounds dead serious. His cold stare sends a shiver down my neck. My heart suddenly skips a beat of anticipation of his next move.

Taunting him, feels like throwing myself into a lion’s den at these moments. The pressure it builds, the nervousness it surges in me, i am addicted to it. Just like i am addicted to him. And  I can tell, i am playing my baits right here.

Click. I hear him unbuckle his seat belt. ‘Carem‘  he calls.

‘Yes’ i turn my head to him, as if i am least interested on hearing what he has to say.

What is wrong with you today?It’s our first official date and you look so lost..’

Nothing’ i reply bluntly. Such a fool, he doesn’t even understand a thing about woman..

Well don’t say nothing’ he answers frustrated.

Then in a ziff, he frees me from my restraints and pulls my body  next to him. Seconds later, i am sitting on top of him on the driver’s seat with my fingers running across his hair and my lips hungrily claiming his.. I am an animal set lose now. For Will to tame me to be his. Waiting to become his.

My body gives away slowely to his advancing touches. His hands  runs across my hips, my back and my bare neck. My skin lusts and explodes into thousands of firecrackers under the surface.

This is our first kiss. I am drunk today. So drunk in love.. And it is my darkest desire to ‘Will him into my Will’.


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