Will You Into My Will. Chapter 1.Page1.


You can say to me this is craziness or just that phase of my life where my hormones are overwhelming me..that i am not mature enough for making right decisions or that i am being brainwashed like a mindless freak by ‘Will’.  But, I don’t care. I simply don’t.

Because, everyone knows  when it comes to Will.. I am blind, i am deaf, i am dumb and i am ferocious! He belongs to me. Only me.. So, be smart and stay away while i hiss and rattle…unless you want me to bite!!’


Oh God’ Help me..‘ i say to myself, reading that crazy piece of scribblings i had just jotted yesterday before bed. Lazily and still tired of my sleepless night, I reach out for my cellphone and take the first glimpse of ‘my addiction’ of many for the day.

Look at him. He is Will. The man, i am desperately in love with. Obsessed with. And want to be with. But my story is no fairy tale, he is no prince. He is the evil wizard and i am the dumb puppet dancing for him. Someone knock some sense into me please…

A long sigh escapes me as his chiseled  face looks back from my screen, admiringly with a smile.  ‘How can someone who looks so beautiful have a heart so tainted and a presence so smothering?’

‘Hey morning Baby. I love you’ i leave a message, before i wake up to freshen up. I know he’d still be asleep now. It’s 6am in the morning. His alarm is set for 7am always’. He is precise with time. How precise? Sometimes it depresses me..

Brush, brush, comb, comb and iron, iron.This is my daily routine.

‘Perhaps he is right to treat me like a zombie.. i have nothing in my life but all that i am supposed to be doing. ‘

Never mind‘ i tell myself,  neatly pressing the metal equipment against the collar of my high school shirt. ‘Why am i even doing this? I know and everyone knows Will is just using me. He is not lying about it either….So why am i behaving like this? Why do i love him?’

‘Hey Honey. Good Morning! Why the long face face for?‘ My dad questions the first thing he sees me, once i slide into back seat of his car. ‘Good Morning Dad.You know, how  I just hate School’ I reply casually, clipping in neatly my school id, on my front pocket of blazer.

Yeah, here is my story.

I am 17year old, high school girl. In a relationship with a man almost twice my age. Who has no idea, i am still 17.


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