Will You into My Will (chapter 10)

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‘I can’t control it, not touching him Mia’ i breathe out, throwing my head back on the chair, watching at the ceiling. ‘So, stay away’ Mia murmurs without removing her eyes from the book. ‘How do i do that? I am like a fish outside of water without him’ I sigh.

You are not.’ she throws a dis-approving stare at my direction.

‘You have only just started to live and there is whole world out there waiting for you. Not to mention, all type of guys’

‘I know but it will not be Will,will it? I want someone who is exact look-alike’ i hammer my point.

Look, I will help you find one ok..’ Mia answers me defeated, removing her black framed spectacle and closing down her book. ‘There are lot of look alikes in this world. He is no exception’.

‘Fine. The day you meet his look alike, an exact copy, i swear, i will leave him’ i frown, not wishing to lengthen this fruitless conversation.

Why do you dislike him so much anyways?’ i ask, a minute later with frustration piling up on me.

My best friend hates my boyfriend and i need to know why? Not that i don’t know, but i have to hear her in her own precise words.’

‘Why do i hate him?Lets see…’ Mia pretends to think.

‘Oh i don’t even need to think. First, he has a fiancee and he is with you behind her back. Second, he is a fuck guy. He will leave the next minute, he gets what he wants from you. And Third, he is like a voodoo master or something. You see him, just him and nothing,’

He doesn’t even like her’ i protest hurt, deeply wounded by Mia’s words.  ‘Clearly he is not happy with her, so he is with me‘  i add, reasoning.

Sure explain yourself Carem. You are only fooling yourself not me. The last time he dropped you off your dinner date, i saw his engagement ring. A man who wears engagement ring on his dinner date with someone else, you do the math’. Mia explodes.

This is the part, where i hate Mia so much. She will always see so much fault in our relationship. She will always point out on our flaws, Will’s flaws. She doesn’t even know him like i do. So nothing gives her right to be the judge of his character. Nothing gives her that right.

And this the part, where i cry. Because i am hurt. Because of Mia, Because of Will and Because of my own foolishness. Divided in the possibility of right and wrong. The truth was always in front of my eyes. I just  never wanted to see it.  What do you do, when your silence is  burning you inside and out?Me? I pretend,like  i feel nothing.


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