Will You into My Will (chapter 6)


Carem’ ‘Carem‘ a high pitched familiar call, wakes me up from my sleep. I look around astonished, finding myself back at my own shared apartment, with Mia standing next to me. ‘Oh No…’  a long howl escapes my throat. This was not how it was supposed to be like. I was to wake up in Will’s bed, in his apartment, next to him. And Will was to bring me a morning breakfast in my bed. It was supposed to be perfect. Where did i mess up?

My head gives me a fuzzy spin and my stomach does a painful flip, while i try to re-contruct yesterday’s events. Nothing. I remember nothing. I curse myself. Best day of my life and  i f**** ruined it!

‘Aren’t you going to class?’ Mia asks, throwing my bag on the bed, still looking grumpy. oh cut me a slack here..  ‘No..i am tired‘ i reply, not looking at her.

Well with all the attendance you are missing, you will run into big trouble soon Carem. The only reason Mrs Matthews is not complaining against you is your grades’ she grits her teeth.

‘I  know. I know. Just for today Mia. I want to rest. And i also need to have a talk with Will. It’s important. So excuse me, will you?’.

‘You didn’t do it, did you?’ Mia widens her eyes in panic, suddenly  hearing my response.

‘I don’t think so..’

‘You don’t think so? How could you not know?’ She rolls her eyes. ‘Oh how she loves rolling her eyes on me. Especially when it is about Will.’

‘I was drunk and i passed out ok. 17% is not what i can handle’.  I try to sound as casual as possible.

‘Why drink it in first place then?’ she exclaims, exasperated. ‘ I know Carem, he is good looking, good person and all sort of that person to attract you but this is not right. You are throwing yourself at him. You think this is love but at our age what do we even know about love? It could just be an attraction. A fatal attraction in your case’ 

‘It could be Mia. Or it could just be love. Nothing happened ok..So stop panicking’ i defend myself.

‘Well just in case, check your panties and lady parts. And take an emergency pill! I can’t believe i am saying you this!!’ Mia gives me a disgusted look, like i have lowered my standards being with Will. She fumes out off the room, stomping the floor and banging the door behind her.

‘Not the door again!!!’ i shout.

After Mia leaves, i pace around the room, thinking of  my next best option. I could go and take an emergency pill right now, the GP is not that far or i could just call Will and ask him if we did it.

‘Oh God why can’t Mia support us for once..at least’ i find myself pleading to higher entity, to help me bring my best friend around. Mia had to understand i am panicking as well.  I don’t know the next thing i am doing. I don’t think anything i am doing is wrong at all..


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