Will You into My Will (chapter 7)

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After coming to a conclusion that i need to see him in person about yesterday’s events, i text Will. ‘Need to see you ASAP. Meet me at Sherlock Cafe in 2 hours.’

This was important. If he didn’t use the protection, i was bound to be doomed. Of  course babies from him is/are always welcome. But, i was not ready now. Someday in future ‘Yes’. But not now.

‘My uterus isn’t even tough enough to carry baby. Look at my boobs’ they are still tiny’ i explain to myself, trying to talk myself out of situation, in case i had a change of my mind later.  It’s going to be Will’s baby,  so i never knew, what i would decide next.

I rush in to the bathroom, to get ready. On my way, i see a breakfast with a note sticking on the glass. ‘Have your breakfast and think again with a full stomach. Hungry stomach makes bad decisions!!’ It read. ‘Right. Thanks Mia‘ my eyes, tears up with emotions. My best friend did care.

There are so many things i wanted to share with Mia. She is the only person, a living soul, i could trust. But i wouldn’t tell her. Her presumptions about Will, with my stories of him, would only add more to her hatred for him.  Sometimes, i couldn’t even last a week without crying.  And this Mia loathed to see. ‘For God sake, be with someone who treats you right!’

‘But Will is treating me right’ i defended him,with every chance i got from Mia, now and then. And it was true. He is treating me right like he would treat every other girl. It’s me, who is just too  hormonal,too needy for him. I cry for no reasons, when i  feel he is not paying enough attention to me. I am too weak.

I dig in my scrambled eggs and toasted bread, wiping away my tears every now and then at the thought of, what did i get myself into. Taking a sip of lemonade juice that also came with a sticky note reading ‘For Hangover. Drink all!‘ i make my way into the bathroom.

I don’t know if i am happy that i made out finally with Will or i am sad that i don’t remember anything at all or i am too insecure thinking, Will got what he wanted and i wouldn’t interest him anymore, i feel too lost. This wasn’t how i pictured my fairy tale would be like. Never in life..


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