Will You into My Will (chapter 9)

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‘Will, i want you to show me, how and what were we doing yesterday night before i passed out’

‘What?’ Will asks surprised, stopping to look at me, while reaching out for the passenger seat door in front.

‘It is only fair that i get to experience what you experienced since i don’t remember anything’ i reply, trying to keep my best innocent front.

‘Here? On the parking lot? Are you sure?’

‘Yes’ i reply, looking back right  into his eye, so he understands how serious i am.

‘Hmm fair enough.I couldn’t even sleep yesterday night’ he smiles at me wickedly.

Once inside his black Ford, i sit on his lap, facing him front and my legs split against is thighs.  ‘Can you even move this seat back?’

‘Yeah sure. It better. I am paying big installment money for it’ he replies, adjusting his  driver seat. Now comfortable enough, i throw a nervous glance, biting my lip, placing my arms on his shoulders. ‘Where were we?..’.

‘Here’ he presses his lips against mine, with his arms tightly wrapped against my torso. His force, constricting me to suffocation, wedged between his chest and muscles. Just the way i want it, with nothing between us but a thin layer of clothes.

I do remember what my first kiss felt like. There is nothing like first kiss. The tension, the fear, the eagerness. At first it is wet. Like actually wet from saliva in your mouth. But then, you close your eyes and let go..And it is a whole different thing. It makes you one, in many undefined ways.. It is magic, with all the thing your body makes you feel. The beating of the heart, the gush of adrenaline and that mindless serene emotions of belonging..

But then, it is wrong to say nothing is better than first kiss. It is special alright but second kiss tops.

I keep jostling with his tongue now. We are playing hide and seek. He is running, i am chasing. I am running, he is chasing. At times, i get demanding. At other times, he does, till i get the control back. And sometimes, we both run off and let ourselves venture on trail of kisses across our forehead, face, chin and down to neck.

The third kiss will only get better..i know. And I can’t wait to have more. Will belongs to me.


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