Will You into My Will (Chapter 12)


A moan escapes me, as Will’s lips touches my Neck and tracks down to my collar bones . So soft, the flush spreads under the layers of my skin, until it reaches my face. And my cheek blushes to rose.  I  extend my neck back, involuntarily, more in arousal, holding him closer. In response, he stops along his trail and sucks in, gently a portion of my flesh.

 I get paralyzed with my frail blood vessels giving away, into  his pressure. Like being stung with poison, only that my agony is sweeter, so much sweeter than i had imagined.  My respiration becomes shallower and i start to gasp, till i can hear nothing else  but my own breath..


‘Did you sleep alright? Mia asks, spreading  butter into her bread, early in the morning. ‘No’ i groan, yawning  at her. ‘My eyes are hurt like they have been stabbed with knife or something’.

‘Nightmare?‘ she questions.

More like a wet wet dream Mia’ i laugh. ‘ I am guilty of imagining all sort of twisted things about Will but this? I am officially a slut now. Even when i sleep, i am all over him. I am pulling him on my bed, in my carpet..

Hush hush, i don’t need to know the details‘ She stops me midway, annoyed. ‘Especially not about him’ 

‘It was crazy, i tell you..’ I throw my wicked grin.


All the while i walk to my  campus. I keep thinking of  the vivid dream i had about Will. It was so real,  i woke up panting  this morning. ‘Miss You’ i text as i move along the crowd of students in the side ways towards the campus gate. ‘Watch out’ Suddenly Mia pushes me, and a taxi rushes by, missing me, by an inch.  ‘F**** you!’ she screams at the driver.

‘What happened?’ i ask, pulling my innocent face. Hoping it works.  ‘This!!’ she grabs  my cellphone away.  ‘He is not good for you!Get that on your head already!’


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