Will You into My Will (Chapter 13)

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I don’t get Mia. So i admit it, i was a little careless, not seeing the taxi coming my way or hearing it ‘honk honk’ like 5-6 times as Mia says. But where is Will’s fault here? Poor Will. He is still on bed, probably dreaming about his next big promotion or marrying me, someday in near future. No idea, that his greatest enemy is lurking very close to him. Right beside his girlfriend!

Annoyed, i stomp into my first class of the day. Why is it that my worst day starts with  Mrs Matthew’s class?

Second period, same old same old boring chemistry.  Hydrogen, Helium, lithium, Berylium, Boron. I am so bored!!Someone suggest Mr Davis to watch Breaking Bad. And may be teach us, how to cook crystal meth. That would be interesting.Why do i even need classes anyways, when everything is on book, if he is only going to read it out.   Almost 12. Uffff…Will send me a reply text please..

My days go by routine, following the sheet of time table the school has provided me, like every other day. Changing between the classes, walking here and there in the corridors around the campus and exchanging formal Hi and Hellos with  familiar faces. The only thing that gets me running in this monotonous life is the lunch break with Mia and Will’s text. Which today is obviously out of my supply.

Mia approaches to me very cautiously at our lunch table and it doesn’t take me long to guess why.  ‘Hi’ a boy from our chemistry class greets me casually, following Mia.   Oh yeah, i forgot. We had a talk this morning about this. He is James ‘Mia’s boyfriend’. And we are including  him on our lunch group starting today, because he feels, that i am a lesbian waiting to find out my sexuality  and sooner or later, i will steal away Mia from him. 

How much time does he need with Mia anyways?? He is with  her round the clock 24/7. The only time i get to be with her in  peace is ‘this lunch break’. He is an uninvited guest. If i am to be honest ‘Unwanted’ too.  They are doing everything together.  Assignments, coo-kings, movies every weekend.. Yet he still complains. Look at me! I have only a fraction of Will’s time  and am i complaining?

‘Hey James’ i flash out my brightest grin. I hate to fake but this is my best friend’s boyfriend.

Talk about the level of copying each other! And how dare she says i am completely influenced by Will or controlled, as she says. Even  her lunch tray has the same thing, in same proportions he has.  Tuna sandwich, scrambled eggs and half a glass of orange juice fortified with Calcium!

‘I didn’t know you were lactose intolerant’ I tease Mia, who gives me an uncomfortable stare and settles down.

‘Hey i might even enjoy this new arrangement of ours’ i gloat happily. After all, finally i have Mia’s weakness exposed, and he is sitting right there in front of me slurping his calcium fortified orange juice.


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