Will You Into My Will (Chapter 15)


‘Cheer up’ Mia says, passing me a mug of vanilla milkshake. ‘We are going out for the movies tonight’.

‘I am not‘ i reply pulling over my blanket, covering my face.

‘Get up already. It’s 3pm!!‘ she pushes. ‘ I have already invited Brandon with us!’

‘Then you go with him!’

‘I am. And so is James. And so will you’.

‘How many times do i have to tell you?Can’t you see i need to be alone right now?’ I yell, throwing my blanket off.

‘I can see, you need a friend. Not that you need to be alone’ Mia replies in-differently to me.

‘Whatever’ i roll my eyes. And pulling my blankets  back furiously, i turn away in the opposite direction, putting a last stop to my early dose of morning nuisance.

‘Don’t be like that Carem’ Mia talks after a long silence. ‘Remember, you asked me to help you out yesterday?’

I open my eyes, my face still digged beneath the  blankets. I do remember saying that to Mia but little did i know, i would be regretting this so soon.

‘You will never miss what you never have. 1 day, 2 day may be a week or two, then it will be like Will never existed. You just need someone to divert your attention away from him for now. And knowing Brandon, he will sweep your heart away in no time. Are you listening?’ she asks.

I dig my face more beneath my blankets upon hearing her question.

‘What is she thinking? How can i just go out with another person like that when it is Will all i care about?Is it even right?’

‘I know you are listening to me..Just give him a chance. At least for my sake…’ Mia adds.

‘Please leave. I am having headache’. I snap, knowing Mia wouldn’t stop unless i made her to.

However, she bargains. ‘I will, once you give me your words.’


‘Carem it’s stupidity  to reject Brandon. All the girls know, Brandon is the guy. He is good looking, talented, smart, funny, athletic and i can go on and on.. But the main thing is..he likes you Cam. He is your person. Not the one, who has no intention of keeping up with you’.

‘That’s not true..he is just not ready..’ i  struggle to find the right words to justify my relation with Will.  When i couldn’t, i jostle with the blanket vigorously, to sit up.

‘May be it is not true but Cam, if you were with Brandon, you’d never have to defend yourself and your relation with him.’ Mia replies. Her tone much lowered, as the words sink away.

‘Ok ok i get it. What do you want from me?’ i ask,now frustrated. Too weak to keep up with her arguments,  all my energy  spent, cramming my head on yesterday’s events.

‘Good. I want you to go out with Brandon. Like not just go out, but go out on proper dates’. she clarifies.

‘Doesn’t it feel wrong to you Mia? That i am using one to forget other?’ i ask, squinting my eyes at her.

‘Honestly? No. First, Will is the wrong guy. Second,It’s Brandon. Third. You won’t regret this. I Promise.’


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