Will You Into My Will (chapter 17)

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‘Hey, here’ Brandon tosses me  a bottle of my favorite chocolate milkshake in air. ‘Aw, almost missed it. Good Cam!’ he screams, half a mile away from me, giving a thumbs up, gleefully. ‘Thanks’ I smile, looking awkwardly at him and pairs of curious eyes around me.

This is my fourth date with Brandon, if you can call it that. Because personally I prefer referring  it as a ‘hangout’, though Brandon has some obvious issues with my terminologies. He is on the front desk now,  ordering a double cheese burger meal for me and a BigMac for himself, while I sit here, occupying a table for two, like a big mass of blob I was.

I look around at people again, worried if I might encounter pairs of 2-3 eyes taking a peek at me. Why wouldn’t they?  I look too shaggy  for my afternoon brunch look. I have pushed my hair into a rough bun and am wearing a flipflop into a Mc-Donalds! What is wrong with me? I can’t believe I let Brandon talk me into this..

It is strange, how subtly Brandon has made a space for himself in my comfort zone.He has a way with his charms. Be it  grandpas, grown ups or toddlers. There is no one, he wouldn’t be able to impress with his ways.. And I find it  amazing how our interests collide. How he fancies listening to music, talking about arts and at the same time can come up with these ridiculous fun day plans and horrible amateur stories, that he genuinely writes.  ‘Will I ever tell him that his creative skills are horrible?  Maybe I will wait till I read some more  and find out huh?’

 I sit there patiently waiting for my orders, as Brandon makes his way with his drink. Milkshake too! Unbelievable  right? He hates sodas. Couldn’t have asked for  a better  companion who doesn’t raise an eyebrow, when I don’t take a pepsi or a cola can with a smile. Yupie for me.

Just then my cell phone vibrates with incoming message alert. It’s from Will and it reads, ‘Hey Babe. How are you doing? You  free this Friday? Let’s meet’.

 I re-read the message second time, to confirm  that it was from Will and that I was reading it right. And after I did, I break into laughter. I don’t know why I did? Was I angry or was I going insane? Because for two weeks, two damn weeks, I had not talked with him and god knows how hard was it for me to ignore him at all. But here he was, pretending like nothing ever happened. With no apology, no repentance for his action nothing, but pretending like ‘nothing happened’.

‘Everything alright?’ Brandon asks sweetly,with visible furrow lines in his beautiful forehead.  ‘Yes Brandon, I was just thinking how cute you are’ I reply, suppressing my mania, hiding my cell phone back to my bag, away from him. He doesn’t believe it.  He continues to stare at me for a minute, still shocked, perhaps waiting for my second bout of insanity.  After a while,  assured that, i will not have  second fit he throws an innocent look ‘You thought that?’.

And may be it was the way he looked at me or may be it was something else that time. Suddenly a feeling of  guilt overpowered in me. So i held his hand for the first time and repliedYes Brandon, i was thinking that. I have been thinking about you for a while now’.


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