Will You Into My Will (chapter 18)

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Let go of his  hand Ressica!’I shout  at  top of my lungs, seeing a familiar figure, standing next to Will, holding his hand.

Upon noticing me, the woman with dark  wavy flowing hair, moves  herself  in, between me and Will. ‘Why should i?’ she sneers, clinging more tightly to him.

‘Because ..’I growl. ‘Will is with me!’

‘About time, I hear you say that’ she laughs.  ‘So, this one is your fun toy ? She is feisty little thing, isn’t she? ’ she pulls an annoyed face, and turning to Will throws her wicked smile.

Shocked, I look at Will for his response. He looks back at me,  helplessly  like he has no clue of what she is saying.

And I wouldn’t  blame him. This woman was  crazy.  She  was one manipulative psycho that wouldn’t let him be at peace.

She throws me another mean smile . But, No, I was not falling for that  one. ‘Stop!’ I scream , shoving  her hands away forcefully, seeing her advance closer to Will, to wrap  her hands around his trunk.

But, I freeze the next moment. Will stops me  half way, his hand tightly clutching my arm, till it hurt and i winced with pain.

Then reaching out for Ressica , he puts  his arms around  her shoulder and flashes me a sly smile. His curved lips, displaying to me, his deceitful hideousness in a full exhibition, like the one that stood next to him, taunting me, inside his arms..


‘No……..’ I scream, and  wake up in the middle of night, still screaming.

What do you do when you know you can’t hold on but when you try to let go, your self won’t let you sleep in peace?

I search for my cell phone  to check for the time. 2am in the morning. 3 messages in queue.

‘Had a great day. I really like you Cam. As in a whole lot! Goodnight. Sleep tight’ (kiss, kiss emoji). 11pm. A message from Brandon warms my heart.

Second and third messages, however wipes it away in no time..

I don’t think  I am ready to read what he has to say to me. Or I am obliged to  read anything he writes to me anymore. But I read it anyways.  

Second says. ‘What is wrong with you? Why are you not replying my texts anymore. We don’t talk like we used to. Something is wrong’. (12.30 am)

Third says. ‘May be you should get back to me after another week. Because I won’t reply this week. I am busy too. Or we can just bump into each other when we are both done with taking our spaces.’ (1.45am)

I turn off my cell phone and force myself back to sleep. Tossing around my bed a few times, recapping the bad dream I had in my head.

I can’t really explain why i dreamt like that. I mean, seeing Will and Resica as villians. I have not even met Ressica in person. So I don’t know how she is in real life. And  ‘No’, I really don’t have any ill feelings or intentions towards her. Except that i am very very jealous of her. And that my intuition  constantly warns me to stay in lookout for her as a potential threat. But isn’t  it  understandable? She is Will’s  fiancée. They have 5 years of time together. A level of  understanding between them that i cannot attain with him… May be because of my immaturity or because of my nature. I don’t know. And when Will talks about her,i can’t really help myself but feel sad.. which in turn make me really angry and makes Will think that i can’t stand her. But that is not true. I am obsessive. I get jealous. Really jealous, especially because, he still doesn’t know what I can see clearly in his eyes. That, Ressica is  more than just a fiancee or that another girl he fell in love with…  She is near perfection to him and that I will never be.

‘Maybe I will get used to it’ i try to convincing myself.

After all, it’s already been three weeks without him. And ‘Obsessions’ they say fades eventually in no time, without a trace.


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