Will You Into My Will (Chapter 20)

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We were watching ‘underworld’ all four of us, when I suddenly realize Mia is missing and so is James . ‘Where are they?’ I ask Brandon, turning my head around. He looks down at me from the sofa and throwing a mischievous smile replies ‘Where do you think?’

‘Shit Mia!’ I curse her in my head and no sooner had I done that, I start to panic hearing  Brandon  shuffle, shifting  down from the sofa  to sit beside me.

‘Here’ he passes me the basket of  popcorn.  ‘You like the movie?’

‘Yes. It’s good. Selene and Michael get together, I think’. I  try to sound as casual as possible.

‘It’s actually more of a tragic ending  for them’ he answers, scratching his head and  looking around the room , his eyes searching for something.

‘Watched this before?’

‘It’s my second time actually ’. He replies. And just when I was about to speak  to him, a hot kissing scene plays between the two main characters and  I stop midway, yapping my mouth open.

‘Thought this would be uncomfortable’ Brandon smiles with awkwardness noticeable in his tone. Then having found a remote control, he dashes in for rescue,  fast forwarding that particular scene.

I don’t know how long did it take then for the movie to finish .Honestly,  I didn’t even get any part of the story  after that fast forward scene. It felt too uncomfortable now, too weird for me to be watching the movie alone with him. To be  sitting with him in front of the TV hall and in the middle of night with our hands ocassionaly  touching  each other, when we  reached  for the  popcorn between us.

Finally, after a long uneasy hour of  dead silence in the room except the movie that was playing, the screen starts showing the casting members. Pheew.. i puff out the air, relieved.  Brandon chuckles looking at me.

 ‘Want to play the videogame now?’ he asks, to ease our  tension.

‘Sure! Don’t know how to play though’.  I reply while pausing to look at Mia’s closed door, wandering  what  she is up to.

After half an hour or so of trying to set up the play station with our tv screen, Brandon  sits down frustrated. ‘I give up. I don’t know whats wrong with it’ he frowns.

 ‘Then leave it. I am pretty sure we can come up with something to spend our time. I will bring you blankets for now. I guess you should be crashing too. James won’t be leaving soon.’

‘Wait’ Brandon holds my hand, as I turn around to head into my room and pulls out the rose he had been meaning to give me all this evening. ‘Wow, it’s beautiful. Thank you Brandon ’ I let out a cry of delight.

‘Welcome’ he replies, hugging me tightly around his arms. Then un restraining me he says the most beautiful words, every girl wants to hear from her man. ‘Carem I really like you. And I want you to know that you can trust me. Give me a chance and I will be the right man for you. I will be honest, faithful and all that you want for me to be. And I promise, I swear to God, I will never ever break your heart’.

‘Men will always be Men’ I remember my mother’s words when I leave Brandon snuggling in our sofa in the living room. But surely even my mother would have kept Brandon in her exception list, had she known him. He has a way about him. A way of security and comfort, when he speaks his words. And I have seen in his eyes that  he had meant it, everything he had just said to me now, he had meant it.  But, one is a fool when one falls in love. And one can never reason out the choices they make, when that happens. ‘Give me sometime’ I had given a fool’s excuse too. At which, his eyes had hesitated  for a  moment, to look straight into my eyes. But he had understood. ‘Take all the time you need’ he said, holding my hand. I nodded, while  I prayed, silently that ‘some time’ is all it takes for me to be with him.   



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