Will You Into My Will (Chapter 21)


(Sorry Guys, this one is rather too long. Hope you will still like it.)

Mia, whats with you and James being in the lock up yesterday night?’ I ask Mia the first thing in the morning, joining her for breakfast.

‘Ooh about that.. We wanted to have some alone time  and thought you guys needed some too. How did it go?’ She  flutters her large round eyes at me, taking a big bite out of her sandwich.

‘What do you mean how did it go?’ I give her a confused look. ‘Was I suppose to do something? And how come I don’t know that you are already sneaking James in our apartment? Brandon seems to know. ’

‘I swear yesterday was the first time, he stayed over!’ Mia replies alarmed, sounding apologetic. ‘I have not lost my virginity yet so I thought there wasn’t anything to say. Honest to God Cam’

‘Then what was he doing till morning in your bedroom?’

‘Experimenting on stuffs..You know.. the bases’

‘I don’t know. What bases? Explain yourself. Do you have any idea how awkward was it for me to be with Brandon yesterday night?’ I lash.

‘I don’t know why are you guys still awkward?Hasn’t it been like a month or more already that you two have been going out? Has Brandon even reached his first base yet? Kiss him already. Poor guy’. She makes a depressed face, next to a sad face she just made on her bread with a ketchup.

‘Not Funny Mia. Some of us prefer to be patient  and wait before we jump. And what the hell is base?’ i snarl at her again.

‘Oh please Cam, it’s been over 6months that I have started dating him. We are just moving along with our pace. May be it’s a little too soon,  but we can handle ourselves. You, on the other hand, weren’t  waiting long enough to throw yourself over Will, the last time I remember..’

 ‘The last you remember was the time, when I was head over heels in love with a man I wanted to be in  FOREVER with’ I hiss.

‘The wrong man!’ she buzzes a reminder.

‘Anyways, let’s not discuss him on our breakfast. I don’t want to be dealing with your mood swings when I come back tired’.

‘Why? Where are you going? And it’s Sunday today. No classes’.

‘Got a family too. Dad called in early morning today, for a small gathering. I  will be back by 10pm though. And you are welcome, by the way, if you were meaning to thank me, for clearing boys out off the apartment so you can have your peaceful  morning time’. She replies.

‘Oh. Thanks. No wonder the apartment is so silent.’


‘Here, if you have any problem and you can’t reach out for my number, this is my home number call there’ Mia passes me a small cheat, standing  in our hallway, after a while. ‘Anyways, how do I look?

‘Beautiful and sexy ’ I give her a flattering  remark,taking the number and  opening the main door for her.

‘Thank you!’ And oh the bases, let me tell you before I forget. I still got 20 minutes before I get the bus’ she chips in, suddenly with heightened enthusiasm.

‘First base is kissing. French kissing. Workout on both of your tongues.’

‘Second base is all about, letting Brandon touch you, your assets. Here’ She points out on her boobs and spreads her palm beside them, turning side to side like she was displaying them  for an advertising agency.

‘I get it.I get it. No need to do that’ I reply embarrassed, looking around if anybody saw us. ‘We have common hallways for exit. Is she forgetting that?’

‘Third is oral sex. That’s where James and I are experimenting. And it is going great. We both got exhausted and fell asleep yesterday night . I promise on the details later. But yesterday was amazing…’ She squeals.

‘Please do’ I laugh, catching on to her phrase ‘yesterday was amazing’.

‘And fourth is Sex. Got to wait for that one. Once you go in there, there is no turning back. So, James is gonna have to wait. Like really really long time. I already feel sorry for him’ she throws another one of her ‘sorry’ expression face. The one I call puppy face, the type that girls make when they see a cute puppy and go ‘Awwww…’

 ‘Its 10.30 now, leave already..I have to go and catch up with my teen wolf series too’ I push her away from door, laughing, imagining the same look on James face. ‘what a torture!!’

‘ Oh come on. All the explanation I am doing is a waste then? You have the apartment all to yourself today. Invite Brandon and clear out your things. Hopefully he gets a kiss today’

‘No..Leave!! You naughty girl!!’  I close the door at  her face, still unable to hold my laughter.

Mia is one crazy thing i tell you. If you think i am one, then believe me, i am only half insane than her..

And just when I was about to walk back to my room, I hear a knock again.

‘Seriouly..leave me and Brandon alone Mia’ I shout, pulling open the door.

To my dismay, a familiar face stands there looking at me. His eyes scowling at me, with aversion plainly reflecting from his face for the words that I had just uttered.

‘Who is Brandon?’ he asks.


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