Will YOu Into My Will (Chapter 22)


‘Why do you care?’ I hiss at him.  ‘And why are you here Will?’

‘To Talk’. He replies in two words. His voice cold, his eyes still scowling at me with his stare piercing me  into my bones.

‘I’ve got nothing to talk. So you can go away’. I close the door at  him. But within seconds, he halts it and pushes  it open.

‘We need to talk’ he repeats again. And shoves me aside, welcoming himself into our apartment.

‘Fine. Make yourself at home. This is your apartment I suppose’ I fume chasing after him to our main hall.

‘This is the first time, I am a guest at your home.  Do you treat all your guests like that Carem?’ he turns around,  looking at me  annoyed.

 ‘Not the welcomed ones! Especially you!’ I spit with resentment on my words.

‘What did I do to you to hate me so much? I want to know. Honestly tell me’ he asks. His eyes intensely inquisitive  now, softening up and his steps, marching towards  me at an alarming pace. ‘Stop’ I block him, a stride away, with my outstretched hands  resting against his chest.

Fine. Have it your way’ . He quickly turns  around and settles himself on our sofa, showcasing me his tantrum fit.

I take a long breath.

There, for a moment, I had almost  fallen down into my knees.  Had he touched me, I wouldn’t have known what my reaction would have been. I could have given up all my perseverance and fallen back to the same pit from which I had just climbed out. All my struggles would have been wasted for nothing. And it wouldn’t have taken him a second to break me down.

I settle beside him on next sofa, careful to maintain a safe distance between us. And picking up my guts, I face him to talk.

‘Will, this thing between us is not working. I am not happy. So I think it is time for both of us to put an end to this’.

‘What? What are you talking about?’.

‘I mean this. Whatever we have between us. I don’t want this anymore’

‘We are breaking up?’ he asks,  petrified.

‘Yes. And I think you should take all your things back as well’. After i reply to him,  I stand up abrupt, unable to face him, knowing that any seconds longer and I might break  in front of him. Appearing more pathetic  and needy as I was.

I fumble across my things in my room and pull out a silver necklace that I adored so much. It had been my birthday gift from Will and I had been proudly wearing it around my neck for so long. Even when we were in the terms called ‘just friends’. And that was 1 long year. If only I had known the pain my feelings and my obsession was about to bring on me…

‘I don’t want it back’ suddenly, I hear Will’s voice behind me.

‘What the hell are you..’

I couldn’t complete my sentence. Because the next thing I knew, I was flying  in the mid air lying on my bed, my body pressed under Will’s body. And ‘Time’ for me, had frozen there.

‘I know you don’t mean that’ I hear him whisper next to my ear,  breathing against my hair.

‘Get away’.

‘Try pushing me.. You are not trying hard’ he replies. His voice still whispering in my ear and his lips running  behind it, moving down softly below to my neck.

‘Stop’ I jostle  vigorously, disturbed now.  This was the last thing I was allowing Will to do to me..

‘Can’t’ he mumbles and grits his teeth.  ‘What’s wrong with you?’.

He  tightens his hands against mine crossing our fingers, his bones squeezing the back of my palms. Then, forcing his lips against my throat, he pins me  into submission before i could say anything

However, I jostle again, desperately trying to get  off his grip.

‘Ufff..’  He lets out a noise of annoyance. And, tightening in, bringing my arms together against each other, pressing them firmly with his forearm, he pushes down my thighs inwards.  Inside his, to lock in again, into submission.

I am tired. I give up.

I let him kiss me. And once he is done, having enjoyed his pleasure without resistance, I speak. ‘I am dating someone. His name is Brandon’


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