Will You Into My Will (chapter 23)



Will doesn’t say a word to me, after hearing that. He doesn’t relieve me from his grip either. He continues to go back to exploring me.. kissing my lips, my chin, my neck and my ears as if he did not hear a thing about what i  said. Then reaching inside my t shirt  to my back, he unhooks my bra. I lie motionless.  I have no idea what is going on in his mind and what does he want from me at this point.

He fondles me. My breasts. Squeezing them, playing with my nipples, pinching them hard  till I wince with pain. No sound still. No apologies. No word.  I wriggle alarmed, trying to get out. But, he tightens his grip around my hands ,warning me to lie still, not allowing me to get out.

I rage in a mental storm, in my silence. I want to get a glimpse at Will’s eyes, to know what he is thinking. But he wouldn’t let me, he wouldn’t look at me, not even once.

 He continues to wedge  me between his body and the bed.  His one hand restricting my movements, his other hand running around my chest, my back and pressing down at my hip. With his lips, still roaming around, with no direction, random  and mindless.  Finally,  stretching at his elbows with his hands resting on either sides, he stops and looks at me.

‘Will..’ I call.

‘Shhhhe keeps his forefinger on my lips. Then, raising my body, throwing me up on my bed, he pulls me off my t-shirt and bra. I let him, I don’t know why I let him.

He pulls out his t shirt too. And for first time, I see his bare chest in front of me. So beautiful, I almost cry out of delight at pleasure of running my fingers down his chest to abdomen, tracing down his muscles..

He pulls my leg apart then, and  drags my body to his, trapping himself  in between my thighs. His hands free, his finger cups my chest and his face digs into my stomach, kissing my navel. Flirting it, with his tongue.

I get aroused . A moan escapes me.

He encircles his lips against my nipples next, and  sucks them in.

‘Ahhh…’another moan escapes.

 Hurling my lips to his, I rush in to kiss him. He allows me, his lips still, just firmly pressed against mine . And  I do, desperately wanting him to own me, right there and right then.

He separates my legs more, pulling them around his trunk, sensing my need. Then, curving  his abdomen, he presses his hard, firmly against my hip, seducing my lady parts. His hands  gropes my bums as he does so, squeezing them in and out. I kiss him harder, more  provoked now, my tongue chasing him, my lips drunk on pleasure of his company.

Then, he stops.


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