Will You Into My Will (Chapter 31)

axnakshan.deviant art

‘Will stop calling me. Its annoying me!’ I lash at the phone after seeing his 12 miss calls on my phone log.

‘Why don’t you pick up then?’ he replies. His voice calm and collected, like he was pleased to know, it was affecting me just the way he had intended to.

‘What do you want?‘ i ask.

‘You. And everything there is to you, that you can give me’. 

Had it been other hours, on hearing his, this simple gesture of passion for me, i would have been floating in cloud 9. But, not this time. The man had me exhausted enough!

‘I have nothing to give you’. I reply.

‘Oh, I am certain, that you have a lot to offer for me. And you know, i always get what i want’.

‘Not this time. I am afraid.’  I try sounding as calm and collected as he was. If he was playing that way, i was going to bend that way too.

‘Come on, my poker face is on. Show me your cards babe, and i will crush you down with Royal flush, on YOUR OWN table!’

You know, you can’t even run if you wanted to.. You love me that much. I am your everything’. Still poised. Unaffected.

How can he be like that? Treating me, as if, i am too predictable for him. As if, there is nothing about me, that will throw him off from his composure! Not a damn change in frequency of his tone. Not even a millimeter on wavelength.  Can you believe that? The height of his impudence! The creature i am in love with?? Some one needs to crack his nerves! Lucky for him, I happen to be his right match!

‘Hold on to your horse Mister.My lips has kissed other lips too. And Gosh that was so luscious’. I smack my lips, loud enough so that he can hear.

(A long silence)

Then something snaps, broke perhaps.

‘Is that your vile heart breaking? Too bad. .Oh baby, i am so sorry. Want me to sprinkle some salt on it? To help heal better?’ I add, throwing my mean smile. Wish he could see the look i have right now.

‘You will repair it.. When i hear you beg for me on my sheets.’ he answers.  His voice still as clear as a cloudless day. Even more.. Every word, now uttered with distinct pronunciation, stressed enough to engrave it on my psyche.

I get intimidated. However, shoving it off in seconds, i hiss.  ‘Why beg it? When i can have it  anywhere i want, anytime i want. Day or night’.

No reply.

‘I hear guys like sluts. You even called me one. Remember? Now imagine, this slut and a colorful night, topless and naked, with thirsty Brandon under my blankets..wanting..craving..’

‘Fuck off! Screw yourself for all i care!’. Suddenly he implodes with anger. My cellphone slips off my finger. And i step away from it, astonished, horrified by his un predicted reaction.

Something smashes on a hard surface. The phone line then cuts off dead.

‘Jackpot!’. I smile.

I had ignited a spark. I know, it won’t be very long till i see him burn down..lust on it with temptations. My words will haunt him And not in a very long time, had i smiled like that..


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