Will You Into My Will (Chapter 33)

wallpaper dsc

‘Hey Brandon. I’m sorry about staying out of touch for past few days’ i apologize to my now, new boyfriend. ‘You sneaky bitch!!’ a voice curses in the back of my head.

Nah. That’s alright. Mia told me about your dog. I’m sorry for your loss. How you holding up?’

‘Yeah. I am fine now. Guess, i wanted some lone time to get through…’

‘With that chauvinist, i suppose!!’ the voice mocks, again.

‘Want me to come there then?’ Brandon asks, with a tang of excitement ringing on his tone. Brandon and his energy! Always on top notch..

I laugh.  ‘No that’s alright. I don’t want any trouble here. My sister will be jealous if i share her quality time with others.’

‘She won’t be. You know how i can be such a sweet heart. Where is she? let me talk. I will make up her mind in no time’

‘Are you serious?’ i laugh again, not believing him.

‘Yeah. Really. Give her the phone.’ He replies.

‘Ok..ok..’. I walk to the next room, and hand over my phone to Irish, who is busy watching ‘Tangled’ in her laptop. ‘Hey you promised you’d come soon to watch the movie with me.. ‘ she complains in her innocent 8 year old voice. ‘Here, say hi to my friend first’ i reply, passing her my phone.

‘Hello’ she talks. ‘Who is this?’

‘I’m Brandon, Irish. Your brother in law, i mean soon to be.. But for now, lets just say i am her boyfriend’.  

‘Boyfriend?’ she screams. Her uvula vibrating at it’s maximum force. However i stop her, hurriedly putting my hand over her mouth.

‘Didn’t Mommy tell you, we are not allowed to make boyfriends’ she whispers in a low harsh tone now.

I hear Brandon chuckling in the phone, at other end. ‘You won’t tell on us, will you Irish?’he asks, making a guilty baby voice.

Irish  looks at me confused. Ogling her eyes at me, waiting for me to make her a response. ‘You can talk to him’ i speak.

‘What  are you guys planning to watch?’ 

Tangled.‘ she replies, hesitating.

‘Oh, is it the one with Maximus. The white palace horse’.

‘Yeah that one!’ she jumps with excitement. And i already can tell, Brandon has her now spun in his magical charms.

‘I can’t believe Mia lied to me’ I think on my own, recalling what she said to me this morning. ‘Call him please, James tells me, Brandon has been very depressed these days. Apparently, you left without a proper explanation,why you  were leaving for a week. So,he thinks, you are breaking up with him or something like that’.

After half an hour or so, of speaking with Brandon that started with  ‘Maximus’, the palace horse to ‘Dori’, the amnesic blue fish of finding nemo and ‘Olaf’, the snowman  of frozen, Irish finally gives my cell phone back. ‘Call again ok and ask for me too’ she whispers timidly, holding her mouth close to the speaker, cupping it in her tiny palms.  ‘Don’t worry, i won’t cheat. I will give the phone to you’ i reply laughing at her and assuring her that Brandon will be shared.

‘I hope so’ Brandon replies,on the other end.


‘The not cheating on me part’. He makes it clear.

I stand silent at his answer. And start wondering, if he did catch me running off astray.. If Mia did tell him the truth, about me and Will. And if she did, if he knows..what should i do next? Should i let go??

‘You whore! What is there to think about here’ An angry snarl hisses at me again from back of my mind. ‘Just let him go!’


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