Will You Into My Will (chapter 35)


2 more days of bonding with my family, catching up with my sister and her friend, and friend’s stories, i head back to my apartment, back to my routine life. Mia welcomes me on the door with a giant hug, Brandon kisses my cheeks landing them softly and  James gives a friendly nod from across the hall.

In no time, everything falls back to place. Hustling and rustling, assignments, due works, groaning, slouching, take aways and late-night tv shows. Till, it’s just a day away to James’s 18th birthday and we plan to throw him a surprise birthday celebration.

So how many are there on our guest list?’ I ask rolling my cart to the soft-drinks section, in nearby supermarket. ‘Just about 10. I want it small but fun. Only people we hang out with, like people we actually love to hang out with, you know.’ Mia replies, picking up 2 packs of colas  and putting them together in the cart.

‘So Darcy invited?’. I throw her a questioning look. Then resuming back to piling the packs over to pack of pepsi cans and juice bottles, i remind her about our next must do. ‘We got to invite our neighbors. Just out of courtesy, at least’

‘Yeah. I will. But i doubt they will come over. Those girls don’t party, like never. Remind me to take them a plate of hot wings after ours. And same goes for Mr and Mrs Jones. What will a couple on their 70s do with us? Although i do wish, they’d show up for  a time. Mrs Jones always have very quirky stories of her youthful days’. She laughs, reminiscing the last weekend, she pulled an all nighter with us.

‘Right’ i agree. ‘What about Darcy?’ i ask again

‘So funny Cam’ Mia snaps suddenly. ‘Can’t you tell, i am trying to avoid her..Why is everyone so fond of her, anyways?’

I hesitate on her response. She was actually expecting me to reply that answer and was now scowling at me, her ears raised like hounds on trail.

When she hears nothing from me, she replies. ‘It’s James birthday and i don’t want her anywhere near him. Look how hot she is? She makes me feel like a toothpick next to her. By just looking, she intimidates me.’ She pulls out an innocent face on me, pouting her lips as she tries to explain her reasons.

‘Oh’ i let out a surprise cry.  ‘I thought it was James you were worried about’.

‘Sure i am! She is always like hey James, what you doing and bla bla. Now think, if she can intimidate me, what does she do to James? He is a sucker for attention, anyways’.

May be it isn’t like that?’ i assure her, moving our cart out, heading to the dry food section. ‘She is helpful and funny’.

‘Yeah you would say that’. She rolls her eyes. ‘ You weren’t the one on History class when you were supposed to be on biology class. I don’t even know how i got there first place! One moment, i was talking to her and the next moment she is saying to me, Mia didn’t you say you are on biology for second class..’

Oh No….’ I explode with  laughter. ‘Mia all this time, James getting worried..he had a reason to after all.’

‘Hell No! It’s just that, when she talks it feels like she is planting a brain chip on me or something..’

‘I will just assume you are jealous cause she has a thing for James. And i did not hear that’. I stop her mid sentence, holding my hand up on the air and laughing again.

She opens a doritos pack, thinking over my statement and starts munching right away..looking absent minded. ‘Godddd. Don’t you find some women intimidating? You must have some incident like that too?’

Give that to me. You can’t eat in here!’ i hiss, grabbing the pack back, and putting it in my cart.

‘Sure i had incidents like that. I find big women with big boobs and butts, the hot ones i mean.. very very uncomfortable to be with. I feel so tiny around them..and they make me sweat. Reminds me of one of my aunts, who had these huge racks and who loved squeezing my face onto them, every time she hugged. Her skin were always soft..moist i suppose  and a little sticky.. And when my nose was plastered on them, i couldn’t breathe. Those were very suffocating..’ I shiver.

‘Woah.. That’s whole new level of trauma! Lets end it here with conclusion Darcy is not coming’. She gives a light squeeze on my hand with serious tone.  I nod.

After moving around for what seemed like hours, we now come across liquor section. We stand there at awe, looking at the neatly placed array of fancy bottles with different names and tags kept meticulously on them.

‘Remember how Baileys tasted?’ Mia whispers under her breath.

Yes… its creamy, milky and chilled and it make you light and Will..’

‘Soosh. Don’t ruin my moment mentioning Will’ Mia lashes, still looking at the bottles, completely wooed by their appearance.

‘Hello Mia. I am sorry, if i ruined your moment’. 

‘Whaaa theee.. helllll!!’ Mia jumps off, terrified to hear a man’s voice, right next to her ear. Specifically of Wills.

‘Good afternoon ladies’ Will greets us cheerfully, flashing out, one of  his heart-breaking smiles.

My heart starts to pound. I’m sure Mia’s heart is racing. But it’s racing only half the mile in speed,that my heart is now running at . Will is so gorgeous!





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