Will You Into My Will (Chapter 36)


Mia is whistling, sparky and thrilled, singing to herself,  as we walk back to our flat. On her way out, she also gave some changes, in fact all of what remained with us after our groceries to the homeless man begging for alms by the door.  It wasn’t much. Like 4-5 pounds perhaps, on maximum with 20, 50 pence changes in coins, but, both the man and i stared at her for a while, at her unexpected generosity. The last time we saw him, and two three times before, she was yapping, telling him that he should be ashamed of begging, having blessed with all four well functioning hands and legs. ‘Why don’t you work to earn? That way, you won’t have to depend on others kindness to feed yourself. Look at you…..’ she had said.

Today, she is  fluttering like a butterfly..

Her strides are relaxed but fast, too fast for me keep pace with. I can’t even catch my breath. It’s obvious, she is excited and she can’t wait to unburden her loads. Those bags, of  sturdy yet delicate glass containers filled with alcohol.. making pleasant noises as they bump onto each other..tink, tink, tink rhythmically with  her march.

Brandon is walking beside me too. He is  having hard time, keeping in pace as well, having  the heaviest load of us three, a whole cargo  of chips, fizzy drinks, juices, lemons, tissues, paper plates, birthday hats, candles, balloons and what not… Thank God for him. We could have never managed to carry all that by ourselves. It pays to have  a man i guess..

‘Are you alright?’ i ask him a while later, seeing him jostle and rearrange some of his loads. ‘Yup!’ he smiles, his grin extending till his ears, his pupils dilated like that of Mia’s, ever since i came out of the store with handful of these. ‘ Wonder if it’s a good sign?’ i start worrying. However, throwing me off my thoughts, Brandon remarks pointing at Mia’s luggage,We are going to have one hell of party!!’.

‘Yup!’ i howl with excitement, looking at my own baggage, packs of beers.

‘Never had i thought,i would be so excited to carry alcoholic beverages on my hands’.


The next day, all three of us spend our afternoon in school, in hush hush. Trying our best to avoid James. Sneaking a peak at him, now and then, just to make sure he doesn’t feel left out and he doesn’t get a clue from some big mouth, about our big plan.

After getting to the apartment, Mia and I hurry, working with our preparations. Pumping balloons, arranging decorations, getting drinks on trays, putting chips on the bowels and attending to our delivery of ‘hot wings’. ‘So deliciooouuusssss!’ Mia squeals, tasting one. ‘Yupieeeeeee’ i scream too, savoring the flavor. Our party was going to be awesome!!

By evening we were done with all the arrangements, even keeping our important stuffs locked away, in case, some snoopy weirdo decides to go about wandering playing ‘unlock the mystery’ with our stuffs. Meanwhile, Brandon keeps James occupied with bowling, cards and whatever guys do to keep themselves busy with.

Sammy, lisa, John, Aris. All four of our almost besties, show up on the door as promised at an exact 7. They  start working on their tasks right away, as appointed in our ‘job to do list’.  Josh makes a request to Mia, finding a perfect occasion,catching her in good mood.. about being allowed  to bring one or two of his friends to our party. I didn’t mean to eaves drop but i did. I got bored, what can i say.  Apparently Josh’s friends were cool and very good with music, something like dj…i did not understand. ‘Come on, Mia. They will light fire in our party. James knows them too. He and them are buddies from old school’.

Ok then. Give me the names. I will add them. And i will check! Don’t fool me. Only two..’ Mia replies after much persuasion. ‘Oh shit’ i yelp hearing the names, i knew ‘Ethan’. He was my puppy love. This was going to be a nightmare.. 

Just then, while i was slowly slithering away  from the wall, Aris stops me. ‘Hey Carem, how did you guys manage to get all the alcohols? Didn’t they ask you to show your license or something. You got to be 21 and over right? There is no way, you guys could have got it on your own’. 

I panic. ‘I had a friend….’ i stammer. 


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