Will You Into My Will (Chapter 37)


‘Wow! That’s a cool friend you’ve got there Cam! I’ve cousins, but all they manage to get me is two/three cans of beers’. Aris looks disappointingly at me.

‘Yeah, i guess that makes me lucky..huh?’ i reply, trying to manage a friendly smile. ‘Oops! Almost time! Got to go back to work. Brandon will be here with James any moment  now”. I make an escape, pretending to be alarmed looking at my watch.

I fetch together all the materials. The chopping board, knife and a bag of lemons  to the table and start making myself busy cutting them into thin slices as i was instructed. Mia  brings in the double layered chocolate truffle cake that i ordered. Looks yummmmy.. I lick my lips, my mouth watering with gustatory hallucinations of creamy rich chocolate taste, lavishing on it.

‘ That baby is all going down my stomach.. James is lactose intolerant. And, Mia has ‘whatever symptoms my boyfriend has’ syndrome..’ I pump my greedy self, overjoyed at the thought of devouring the left overs, still ogling.

After being done with slicing, i watch my three buddies hover over the cake, putting tiny colourful candles on it. Total 18 of them! Something about being 18..I start wishing it was me, instead of James blowing those candles today. That moment of being legally adult.. All the rights now you can entertain. The opening of big iron latched gate..  Can vote, can drive, make a will, even donate your organs if..in case, you accidentally died. And, those are just the basics! I read.

What about going around, travelling the world? Or standing on the counter and casually asking for a cigarette.. never needing to answer that old smug, who looks at you as if you won’t smoke but chew the whole thing like you’re a dumb goat with no brains.. What the hell anyways..Does he think that i’ll end up having the butt of cigarette down my butt and not the other way. Really’ some people annoy me so much. 

 Mia has been talking about getting  a tattoo once she turns in 18 for  a long while now, something she has always wanted to do. So cool right? Me?? Well,  I read and underlined, i can get legally married even without my parent’s consent after i’m 18. In case, things got to that point.. 

‘Hey Cam. Come here. Aris is going to show us how to make a cocktail’ i hear Lisa call then. Hauling all the slices of lemons from board to the bowl, i reach over excitedly to where my gang stood. Once i am all ears too, Aris begins. ‘Girls, knowing how to make a good cocktail is, like knowing how to make an atom bomb. With right combination, you might end up having an actual explosion!’. Ufff..His flimsy dialogue. Could we skip this part?? But, it works! It always works. In no time, he grabs all of our attention and we start staring at him as if he is some wizard in the magic show.  At the end, handing over his final product to me, he says ‘To the lady of the house..’

‘Whyyy m..e?’ i stammer, unsure, if i could handle such strong concentration of alcohol. ‘Come on. Do it Carem. A host always need to be chilled in her party’ Lisa pushes. ‘Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!’ Mia starts chanting. And in no time, all four of my friends; Aris, Lisa, Mia and Sammy are chanting and hitting on the table like ancient tribesmen.

‘All right! All right! Here goes nothing!’. I gulp.

A strong punch! The starchiness of honey hits my taste buds first, following it comes the sweet burning  sensation on my throat, down my food pipe and to my stomach.

‘How is it?’ Aris asks me wickedly.

‘It hit me straight!’ .

Next half an hour from then, all of us are preparing cocktails in large volumes. Filling all our paper cups with Aris’s recipe and neat shots of vodka. ‘Damn. That’s good!’ Sammy shoots in another shot, following her first; squeezing her eyes, baring her teeth and wiping her lips with back of her hand.

‘Surprise! Surprise!’. We all scream, once James enters the room with Brandon, bursting the balloons and spraying the foams on air. ‘ Wow people. Thanks!!’ James cries out with delight. Then walking over to Mia, he gives her a cute smooch. ‘Aw…..www’ we all hear ourselves sigh, on one admiring tone. Then, ‘Cheers’ we shout, at top of our lungs, shaking  our beer cans ,seeing James holds his can on the air. I climb over our table too with Brandon and we pop open two large beer bottles, making a fizzy mess all over the place, and over each other screaming ‘Part……..yyyy’.

It was our best friend’s birthday! And yes’ we were going to party out all night..


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