Will You Into My Will (Chapter 38)

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‘Are you alright baby?’ Brandon wakes me up with a gentle tap on my shoulder. ‘Yeah’ i reply, rubbing my eyes and looking around. ‘I must have dozed about an hour ago or so, listening to Mia and the girls talk about their birthday plans for next year.’

I fumble for my cell phone to look at time. Past two in the morning.

‘Everyone still up huh?’ I ask, finding our guests  awake, still buzzing like bees..walking around, laughing, drinking, and gossiping. Even, Mr and Mrs Jones our next door neighbour  had joined in. Mrs Jones held in her hand a glass of wine at the moment and was actually the centre of attraction, collecting loud applauds for her quirky stories. In her late sixties, she was one woman i admired, her charms’ endless beyond limits of time. And boy, was i glad she was here..

‘How many shots did you have?’ Brandon questions me, raising his brows, grinning from ear to ear and breaking my thoughts.

‘Not enough to get you laid’.  i smile feeling wicked.

‘Oh Damn…’ he chuckles, pretending like he just had a heart break. Then, sitting next to me on the couch, he cuddles me, putting his arms around my shoulders ‘I thought tonight was the night..’  

‘Apparently not.. ‘ I dig my head towards his chest, closing my eyes again and  snuggling more, letting him kiss my forehead as i do so.

Anyways, I heard you had a crush on that guy called Ethan when you were in elementary. Is that true?’

‘Why?’ i almost jump out of the couch hearing that. ‘Did he say anything about it? How does he even know that??’

‘Guys know’ Brandon chuckles again, replying calmly. ‘Especially when a girl stares at them, for a long while till a point they really feel uncomfortable about it. hahhahha’.

Displeased on the thought of the word ‘uncomfortable’, i ask  ‘He told you that?’


‘Well my cat ate his hamster. And i didn’t know what to say.. I had a confession to make but i never could..’ 

‘OOps..’ Brandon covers his mouth with his hand in dismay. Then in seconds bursting into he asks, ‘Why couldn’t you? Its not like you ate the hamster..’ his eyes still tearing while he questions me.

‘I took it home to feed it.’

‘Oh you thought you would feed it good and impress him?’ 

‘That was the plan. I gave it a bath, air dried it and put it in it’s home. Left for a while to fetch it some nuts but forgot to lock the cage.’

‘Oh No…Are you going to tell him..like ever?’

‘Yeah…But not today’ i reply, looking at  Ethan’s direction. ‘Or may be i won’t. Nobody knew i took it..My self gluttony has smothered itself over these years..’ 

‘Gosh you are evil.’ Brandon remarks giggling, snuggling me back into  his warm arms.

‘I am. Amn’t i?’ I reply still looking at Ethan’s direction. ‘He  looks like he used to, only bigger i guess. And of course better’.

‘Is that so? Hm.. He may be bigger and better. But i’m still big with er and better with er on it’. Brandon comments.

‘Who says so?‘ i bend my neck back and throw him a curious look hoping  to catch his smug face.

‘Do i need to tell you that?’ 

‘Well i don’t know’ i reply, blunt.

‘Come on baby. Don’t make me feel down‘. He whines, then lean forward he drops me a soft kiss.

”I know you are all the ‘er’s in the pack Brandy. You never have to feel down about anything’ I smile, reassuring him. Then i kiss him back.

His lips are sweet. I can still taste the honey on it. It’s Aris’s  recipe, still weaving it’s magical touch.

I can’t feel my hands and legs though. I don’t think i can move them even. ‘Shit! I am drunk, amn’t i? Its bad, Brandon is looking so damn sexy tonight..

‘Get a room guys!!’ Suddenly, James jolts us off . He gives us a loud five each on our back.  Brandon flushes, running fingers through his hair. ‘Hey man, you scared us.. he replies, looking warily at James across his shoulder. Then smiling very awkwardly at me, he asks  ‘Are you ok?’. I pull away  immediately hearing him. Wiping my lips and brushing my hair ,i turn back too to look at James, who now throws me a wink and gives Brandon a thumbs up  before he leaves.

‘Wanna go to your room?’ Brandon asks then, a little hesitant, a little bold.

‘Umm..Yeah…..I guess..ok..’ I reply, feeling a little bold too. My head still spinning round  and round  and my lips still savouring the taste of honey.. juicy, fresh and revitalising..



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