Will You Into My Will (Chapter 39)


My head does  a funny spin as i try to stand up from the couch. ‘This is what cocktails and vodka do to me?’ I grunt, utterly annoyed, after failing a  number of attempts to gain my balance. ‘You are so drunk baby..’ Brandon comments, watching me make a fool of myself, laid back on the couch. ‘Oh come on then, help me..’ i yelp, pleading him.

‘Almost there now.’ he says, unlocking the door knob, when we reach outside my room. Then, helping me hold my balance, he gently closes the door behind. ‘Heaveeeeeen…’ i let out a long soft cry with delight, walking two steps, to my bed with staggering gait.  ‘Cam’ Brandon calls behind me, worried i might fall. ‘Come on..’ i ignore him, moving forward. Too bad, i bump into my own knees and come down straight crashing on my bed.  No impact of  course, except a  bump and bounce effect.  But.. Soft and Cosy, that’s how i like it!! My pillows never felt this  good before..

‘What?‘ i ask, when i catch Brandon staring at me, while i  turn and toss my head side to side trying to find my perfect comfort position . ‘Nothing’ he replies, leaning next to me, his lips drawn out on a full curve, flashing his neat set of teeth. ‘Really what?’ i ask again, furrowing my brows this time, worried, what he might be thinking about. ‘Nothing. Really’ he replies again , still smiling, still refusing to give away his thoughts to me.

Ok then, whatever i guess’ I remark. ‘Right. Whatever’ he replies.

I look at him confused.  This isn’t like Brandon.. He is up  to something or at least thinking something. I know it.

I  furrow my brows again,  staring at him.

Brandon’s face never seemed this close before, not even when i kissed him. Did i tell you, he looks so lit tonight.. breath-taking would be the word. His lens.. i sure knew were sort of  green but  i didn’t have an idea were actually a lighter shade, more like a greenish tinge to it. And his pupils, they are so black.. so contrasting to his background.  If i move any closer, i am sure, i can see what lies beyond  it.

Why? I just don’t understand. Why, i hadn’t  ever noticed it before, than today? It feels so wrong.. Wrong because, Brandon is so beautiful. Even his pupils are huge, wide and sparkly.   And God, where do i even start with his lashes? I’m so jealous! Thick, long and the curly.. He doesn’t even need those, does he? 

‘What are you doing here Brandon?’ i whisper, still trying to study his eyes.  A blend, so enticing even with just a simple array of green and black.

‘I think you know..’ He speaks in a hush of breath as well.

I pull my body above him in response his reply. My torso half raised  on the air, half pressed on him, half on my side of bed and half on his. My elbows outstretched trapping him in,  i ask  ‘What do i know?’

He smiles. Relaxed, subdued under me.

That’s confusing. I stare at him for a while. Then I bend over, unsure of how he would react to me. However he wraps me. We kiss. Its hot. Its humid. Its flaring. Its liberating..


Just then my cellphone rings.

Damn the thing. I ignore it. ‘We are far to far to be back on the start again..’

But it rings again. And again and again.

‘Got to pick it up’ i pull away from Brandon  not wanting to, annoyed at the caller. ‘It’s middle of the night for God sake!’ i hiss.

‘Don’t then’ Brandon stops me, holding my hand halfway on the midair.

‘Okkkk…’ i fall back. ‘Where were we then?’ 

‘Here’ Brandon gives me a naughty grin and pushes me back to my bed. Then sealing his lips on my navel, he blows on it. ‘That tickles!!’ i laugh.

The phone rings again.

‘Who is calling you at middle of night babe?’

‘I don’t know’ i reply. An honest and innocent answer. But suddenly, I think i know. A cold chill runs down my spine..

‘May be it’s an emergency. I will just take the call and say i’m busy ok ‘. I assure him, holding the cell on my hands.

‘I think, you should’ he says, digging his face on the pillow.

I pick the phone on the next first ring. ‘Hello’.

‘Well well, you seem like you are a lot busy now days’ Will speaks.

I hold my breath, a sharp gasp and stop. Then slowly  bending over to my side,i look at Brandon, who thankfully was still buried under the heap of my pillows.








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