Will You Into My Will. Chapter 41


The next morning, i wake up earlier than usual. I hear Brandon whistle softly on my side as he breathes in a gush of air. It makes me chuckle, for it happens to me as well, morning whistling  i mean, trying to pass air through my stuffed nose.

And maybe because i chuckled  a little harder, it wakes Brandon up.  ‘What happened?’ he asks, fluttering his curly lashes. ‘Nothing’ i giggle, trying to play catch up to our last night’s teaseful conversation.

‘Had a good sleep?’

‘Yeah’. He moves in closer, his hands marching towards my hip beneath the covers.. ‘What about you?’

‘Good’.  ‘Your hands seem to have  a mind of their own. They are trying to break in my security area’. I reply, catching hold of it.

‘Let them in.’ He wrestles playfully with my fingers, casting  his wicked grin.

‘I would, but what’s the point. You are not getting laid anytime soon. Give up already Brandon’. I taunt him. Lately it’s been my favourite game. Brandon is adorable.

‘I won’t know unless i try.’ he replies, throwing in his boyish laugh.   ‘Who knows, may be you will change your mind’. He attempts once again to move up his fingers against  my thigh. I give in.  He’s been trying too hard. Can you blame me?? But  then, the sneaky fingers land into my bottoms.

‘You naughty naughty kid!!’ I jump off my bed, shaken, shy, nervous; instinctive in my reaction. Then rushing to open the door, i pull out my tongue at him. ‘May be someday babe, not just today’.

‘Come on’ he whines. Such a torture! He pulls one of his favourite tricks to lure me back into his bait..the whiny look! He knows. He knows, that i can’t stand when he does that.. 

‘Woah , Woah ‘ I hear Mia cry as i try to make my an escape. Then the next thing i know, we have clashed  and  now, we are sitting down on the floor, rubbing our bums. ‘Aw that hurts..’ I cry. ‘Mine too..’ Mia howls.

‘Well you girls still look tipsy..’ James comments, walking in laughing, carrying a tray of cups. It’s the scent of fresh lemonade in the air. ”Thanks’ i squeal with delight. James just saved me. I really needed it. 


‘Hey Man!’ he gives a high five to Brandon after placing the cups on the bedside desk. ‘Got lucky?’ he asks.

‘Come on. I’m right here!’ I roll my eyes at James then shift them to Brandon.

‘Can’t. Private affair.’ Brandon replies, taking a peek at me, his face dead serious.

I don’t want to be meanie and over controlling girlfriend here, but the affairs that involves me, can’t be discussed without my prior ‘okay’ on it. That’s just the rule.And Brandon needs to follow it. 

‘We all friends here.’ James assures. ‘Tell me man. She’s not going to eat you. I can’t even wee, the suspense is killing me.’

‘Leave them alone’ Mia steps right then for our rescue. I let out a sigh of relief.

James is annoying, really annoying when he starts digging. He might have been a hound in his early life..I swear. Because, if he sniffs something fishy, he won’t rest till he tracks down the truth. And i surely don’t want that happening on my relationship.

‘Anyways we just came to tell you guys that four of us are going to have a lunch out today’. Mia continues.

‘I’m up’ Brandon replies instant. I nod my head too.

‘But..’ Mia cuts in. ‘Before you guys get ready too, make sure YOU’ she says pointing to Brandon, ‘didn’t get her pregnant. You guys were drunk. I saw that Mia couldn’t even walk. I don’t think there was any time to be using your heads..’

‘Whaaaaaat?’ Brandon responds in shock.

‘We didn’t do it okay!’ i  bark at Mia. ‘Now stop messing with us. Just cause you guys did it, doesn’t mean we have to’.

‘Nope you don’t’. Mia grins. ‘I just wanted to know what happened yesterday’.  She lands a five on James.

‘Smoooooooth..’ James is impressed. Then they both laugh together like two hyenas. Two evils, two satans vomited straight out of the belly of  the demon, the  hell itself!


‘What was that about?’ I ask Mia, when both the guys and our guests leave the apartment, half awake, half dozy from the party.

‘Nothing. Just checking on you’ she replies.

‘Really? Why don’t i believe you then ?’ i throw her a questioning look. ‘For a girl who hosted the party, you didn’t look too happy last night’.

‘You can believe whatever you want.’ She sips her hot lemonade, less bothered to make any further reply.

I puff with anger. Honestly, at this time, i don’t really know what i’m angry about. Of course i had a rough night yesterday. But this morning, i had woken up in good mood. Like really good mood.

‘Relax’ Mia calms me down, noticing me flaring up my noses like a bull about to unleash his rampage on the stadium. ‘ I saw you and Will and his fiancee yesterday in the car park.  I saw, how you looked at him and how you looked at her. But you, you wouldn’t tell me a thing about it. Would you? I don’t understand why it is so damn hard for you to let go a man, who doesn’t think you are a penny worth his attention!’.

‘Mia. That chapter is done. We have nothing to talk about it. Nothing at all.’

‘Good’. she replies like it was an automated response. That she was obligated to reply and that was the only word that popped out.

‘Honestly. That chapter is done.’ i repeat again.





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