Will You Into My Will (chapter 44)


Here it is, Doctor Carem.’ Brandon taps my head with a thick covered biology book, that i had been wanting to burrow for a long time  from the library  ‘Let me know if you need to get another as well. I can still have 2 more books under my name’ . He offers for help, putting aside the book and pulling out the chair to settle across me at the table.

‘No, that’s okay Brandon.  Thanks for the help. I owe you one’. I reply, pausing only for a brief time to look at him and check at the book covering,just to make sure it was indeed the right one.

‘Hey come on..you ought to be more thankful than that‘ he whines, appalled by my short response. Then poking at my shoulder, his arms seeming unbelievably long,  extending all the way through the entire width of table, he goes ‘Hello hello, is my girlfriend in there? Cam Cam, are you hearing me?’ 

 ‘Okay…Okay. I get it. Alright! No need to be so melodramatic’. I fold a piece of the  page on the corner of my book to mark the part i was reading before i close it and put it to my side. ‘You have my full attention now.  How do you suppose i should express my gratitude then?’ i  narrow my brows at him.

‘By paying more attention  of course..’ Brandon replies with a smug look on his face. ‘Lately i have been feeling so neglected..’

‘How come?’. I rasp annoyed now, cause i completely think otherwise.

In fact  lately I have been seeing too much of Brandon than usual. We even study together, whole 4 hours of routine after our  class! As if that is not enough. Personally for me,  it’s a test of my patience.. All about how long can i actually endure him before my relationship skill is put to overdrive and i snap just like that.  

‘But we  study and study and do nothing else’ Brandon whines again, trying to make me see his point. ‘Wrong foot there ! Can’t a woman have some space?How much more can i spare?’ The witch inside me starts to  grit her teeth.

‘So…are you telling me that i am being a bad girlfriend? Is that what you mean?’ I flutter my eye lids at him, hoping he catches my hint that he clearly is driving on a wrong highway.

‘Almost true’ Brandon replies innocently.

Now, is it just Brandon or are all men naturally dumb? Do we, have to say everything A to Z about how we  feel, what is our mood like and what we are  expecting from them every now and then.

Haven’t men learn a thing or two about women and their nature by now. For God sake, we have evolved jointly hand in hand for centuries..pro created generations and generations of our race together. And yet, still on 20th century today, here is Brandon or i might as well say ‘the men’ being  impossible, just impossible to believe..

 How hard can it be anyways? There are only two basic set among humans, males and females.. Right?

‘Baby are you okay?’ Brandon asks me hesitantly after a while, noticing me rub my forehead. ‘Yeah just a headache’ i reply, trying to throw a smile, clearly seeing no point of educating Brandon now of catching up to my subtle signs. ‘After all men had more than a millennium to learn about women and they didn’t’ like my mother says. What can i possibly expect from Brandon. He is not even a grown up adult.

Apparently Mia had the same problem too with James today. Now you know why, i believe God made us best friends for a reason.

So after a long discussion one to one  about what we were going to do about our common  problem, four of us come to one  solution.. Watching ‘Spider man 3’!!


However, soon Brandon and i find out that getting a cab to go alone was going to be a tough deal for today.  The merry couple were pissed. Furious at each other to the point if given a gun, they wouldn’t have spared a second thinking whether to pull a trigger or not.

Interesting thing was, i always knew for a fact that Mia  was the alpha in her relation.  But seeing them on action today, playing mental cold wars, I doubt if James is the beta one between them. It’s a tough call.

Whats up with you guys? Suddenly craving for attention like that? Big Babies!!’ Mia hisses at James, as i watch them trying to make out my mind about whom among the two will succumb first.

‘Whats up with you girls then? All so jammed up about exams?  Its at least two weeks away!!’ James sneers to her reply, pushing  open the  taxi door forcibly and walking ahead of us.  Secretly,  in my mind, I gave James a plus point for that.. Because, personally i thought his come back speech hammered good and for other reason that, i had never seen Mia lost in her words  with someone’s  snappy reply.

‘Lets go Cam’ Mia mutters to me, scowling at James, still unsure  what happened there.   ‘Al right‘ i reply passively, shuddering,  feeling the chill of her glare at him. I know Mia, this fight is going to last.. for  hours, for days, probably months too. Wonder how James is going to survive that? She, was vicious.. She, kept grudges..She, was wicked..and She, was my best friend.











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