Will You Into My Will (Chapter 47)


I always have had that romantic fantasies of long drives. To set out someday on the lookout for adventures with a map on my hand, go backpacking, walk astray and explore the wilderness. But, i never have had enough courage  to do so on my own. I was always a kind of person who needed that one last push, no matter how trivial the effort was required for me to put on. 

But, today sitting next to Will, I didn’t feel, i was the same person. 

6 hours away from our city, heading at speed of 60km per hour to some unknown lands.. i was not even worried.  Rather relieved and feeling light, watching the greenery and the landscapes;  pacified at the sight of  the trees and the tall grasses sway, attuned to the dance of the wind. 

Life seems so simple out here. No flashing lights, no artificial colours. No hidden cryptic arts or blocks. And, no jostling of city life. Everything is raw. Plain and Beautiful. Untarnished by human menace. The air is so fresh, i  can feel it clearing my lungs, my heart, my body down to it’s  minute vessels. And my soul..  i can feel it being cleansed too, rejuvenating and  re ascending back to my body.

My mind feels empty now. Clean as a blank sheet of a white paper. As if, all  of my negative energy that i have been accumulating for so long has been sucked out of me. As if the loops, i have been struggling to undo for so long has been meticulously unfastened.. My vision is clearer. Focused more than ever, my want’ untangled from my insecurity and  jealousy.

‘Will is my purpose’. And that is the enlightenment, the clarity, nature is bestowing me.

Do you know, I love you so much Will?’. I ask. My emotions flowing uninhibited now, my walls brought down to rubble.

‘I do.’ He smiles, running down his hand down my hair and to my face lovingly.  ‘Why do you ask though ?’

‘Because i thought you didn’t know.’

‘I do know silly.’  ‘That last power nap you took must have been something huh? You sound so fresh now.’

And it indeed was. ‘Yeah, this place is amazing. I’m glad we came’. I squeal delighted.  ‘I’ m sorry though that i had been sulking for so long before..’ 

‘That’s alright. I know you are going through a lot now.’

‘Hmmm I had a fight with Mia this morning. But i don’t want to talk about it.’

‘Ok…hope it’s not a bad one.’ He looks worriedly at me.

‘She is your best friend right? How you doing now?’ he questions, his eyes leaving the road and looking at me time to time.

‘Am ok’. I  flinch  with pain at thought of Mia again. It was our first big fight. And i didn’t know, if we were still friends.

‘Why are you stopping the car?’. Suddenly i notice Will take a side turn from the main road and hit the brakes. ‘Didn’t we stop like half an hour ago at the petrol station?’

‘Yes. But you were sulking then. And you weren’t talking to me. For 6 hours straight. Imagine how torture it was for me.  And i was patient. But now that you are in good mood…’ 

He bends over to kiss me. And I giggle.

This is exactly what i like about road trips. It feels so wild and  free. And with Will next to me, my wanderlust simply multiplies by unlimited folds..


6 thoughts on “Will You Into My Will (Chapter 47)”

  1. Thanks for the follow. I am following you as well. I liked this very much. I feel the exact same way about road trips and adventure. I love the open road, especially late at night or early in the morning watching the sunrise.


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