Will You Into My Will (Chapter 48)


After 9 hours of driving from the city and through the breath taking views of highlands of Scotland, we arrive at our destination point. At 9 pm in the night, in Glencoe.  Our residence is a single storey stone built cottage with a thatched red roof accommodating a small brick built chimney on it.

‘It’s perfect!’ i scream, studying its exterior. The cottage looked like one of  those houses inspired by the fairy tale themes.

‘Yeah. But I didn’t expect the houses to be so close to each other’  Will wrinkles his forehead, unlocking the door to the house.

‘Come on. It’s good to have neighbours. We will get bored alone’. I reply, looking over the fence to the cottage next to us. ‘Wonder how are they  like?’

‘We won’t have time to wonder about anyone or anything. Miss Curious’. Will drags me in, wrapping his arms around my waist. ‘Peeping neighbours while you have a handsome man to take care of is a crime’. He gloats.

‘Why is that?’ i laugh.

‘You will know..’. He flirts.

The common hall we are standing at is spacious and well ventilated. It is furnished entirely with wood giving the house a homely appeal of comfort. On the front of it, facing the north are large glass windows with over hanging sheets of white curtains on it. And on the side  are two doors, opening into two different rooms.

‘Wow..  Look at this place’. I exclaim, captivated  by the scene, observing the  hilly terrain, the base of which seemed to begin right next to our doorstep. ‘Beautiful, isn’t it?’ Will remarks, standing next to me, admiring the majestic beauty as well.

‘What else?’ i squeak, now even more excited, running across the floor to check the two bedrooms.  ‘Oh my God’ i exclaim opening the door, again and again when i see them, marvelling  at the interior designs of the rooms.

‘I think i will have the first one..’ i say to Will, after reviewing both of my options, bouncing on the bed. ‘This bed doesn’t spring well like the one before’.

‘What are you talking about?’ Will makes  a disappointing face, bouncing on the bed as well.

‘I mean i like the previous bed better, you have this one. But if you don’t like it too, i don’t mind taking this’.

‘Ok you can have the first room.’ Will replies scratching his head after a while. ‘But there are no separate bedrooms. We have to sleep together’.

‘What do you mean together?’ i ask.

‘These are double beds. I can’t sleep alone’. He makes a fuss.

‘I know what you are getting into..’

‘Good. I thought  i had to explain..’ He rests back his head on the bed and stretches his arms.

‘Not happening’. I bark, shifting further on the bed and pushing away his hands

‘Sooner or later. Eventually ‘ he smiles wickedly, tangling me now on his  arms.

‘Yeah sure. After we have our talk’. I reply firm on my resolution, trying to get off his grip. ‘Till then you will have to wait as long as it takes’.


‘Had your shower?’ Will asks, drying his hair with towel, entering into my room on his robe after about 2 hours later.

‘Yeah. I’m hungry now. I wish we had shopped for some groceries down the town. At least the eggs.’

‘But you said we could do that tomorrow. Right?’

‘Yeah. But i didn’t know, after that big lunch i’d still be hungry’. I whine.

‘True. True. Here have some chips for today babe. All the shops will be closed now.’ He replies looking at his watch. ‘Its 12.30 already’.

Unwillingly i reach out for the packet and stick a handful of it on my mouth.Looking at me devour the whole thing into nothing, he chuckles.Day by day i think you are becoming more savage.’

‘Is that so?’ I narrow my eyes at him. My hunger gratified now. My lips unable to hide my mischievous intentions.

‘Yeah‘ he smiles back. His lips drawn out on the corner, twisted at an angle.

This is so tempting.. I can taste our pheromones on the air, finger licking sweet. And  i can hear my own heart pound, loud and heavy.

‘Go to your room Will. And shut the door behind’ i mumble, pulling my blanket and hiding my face, turning away from him. My body starting to boil under the covers as i do so.

‘I can’t sleep’ he replies casually, pulling the blankets and lying next to me.

This surely is a test of my patience!’ i scream on my head. ‘Dear lord..’ I pray.

Click.  I hear the table lamp switch off then . And feel his warm hands  slowly slithering my waist and  wrapping around it.

‘Don’t do that, i can’t sleep’  i breathe out.

‘Then don’t.‘ he replies. ‘ We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to’.










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