Will You Into My Will (Chapter 50)


The next morning i wake up, I don’t find Will beside me. I check  his bedside to know if he had slept with me at all. His pillow, still had a  depression on its body and the sheet to his end were still creased.

I let out a long sigh. Somehow, knowing he was still with me, was assuring me.

This bumps me back again to the truth. My truth.  ‘No matter how angry i was, or sorrowful.. It was still impossible for me not to love this man.’

I toss back and forth laying on my end, trying to get back to sleep. I was never a morning person and my eyes were hurting me, just by opening them. My cellphone vibrates then with an new incoming message ‘Babe where are you? Please tell me.’ It read.

I hadn’t been completely honest with Will as he wasn’t with me. I had been lying to him since Day 1. And this was the complexity of our relationship. ‘We wouldn’t stop lying to each other.’ So the ‘trust’  between us was virtually non existent, almost like a single strand of  a thin thread, from a spider’s web. For him, I was a second year medical student  in some university, working part time librarian in a college where i actually studied . And that was just the start. There were many. Of course the big one was’ i am 20 year old’, when in reality, i had just stepped in 17. 

My lies were  perfectly skimmed. I talked less of my personal life and  kept my distance from those topics,  for i knew if i involved him  more, he’d find out in no time. However, despite the effort, he  always came up with ways to corner me in. And speaking  more lies for me became unavoidable. Sure, keeping away from questions was better approach, but they only added to his nuisance more and in no time we’d standing up on a war zone.

I hated to lie.

It hurts to lie as much as it hurts hearing one. But if you have been doing it for a long time and have convinced yourself to believe that you are lying for a good reason, it starts to get easier.  Over time you get used to it. Although keeping up with its numbers becomes harder.. especially when you  don’t remember which things you spoke, were true about you and which were not.

The sound of stove being switched on, and glasses being used, grabs my attention back to the kitchen. My hearing  becomes super aware, hyper vigilante, compromising for the sight i couldn’t see. And  in no time, the alluring smell of bacon fills in my nostrils too making my stomach do an annoying flip. I stay silent however, listening to the clattering of plates and the clinking of spoons. Wondering in my head, if walking out there and behaving normal was the right thing  or staying here and looking grumpy suited me more.

My dilemma ends without an effort, when Will walks in with a tray of meal and two glasses of juice. ‘Two glasses meant, i was being fed too‘. A sudden surge of excitement over powers me and half of my anger, melts away right there.

‘Hey, you are up.’ Will  places the tray, pulling a small tea table by my bedside.

‘Yeah’. I reply, looking at him, to the food and back to him. ‘Did you sleep?’

‘I did. Did you?’he asks.

‘Knocked out.’

‘I could see’. He smiles. Then passing a plate of bacon, beans and toast he says in a sexy cheerful tone  ‘Room service.’  

I laugh. Isn’t it like the most romantic thing ever?

‘We will discuss tip after meal then’ i reply still chuckling.

He has wooed me off my anger now. ‘See how hard can it be to impress me?’. I ask.

And honestly, how hard can it be? For any man to impress his woman. Effort is all what we ask for. Right?

‘Better tip good’.  He flashes his sexy smile. His lips stained with barbecue sauce. Taunting the witch, the beast in me.

‘Here, a thank you first’. I lick out the sauce off his lips. Then shifting aside the tea table, i pull him off the chair to the bed.

The beast takes control snarling at him. Temptation. Lust. The unholy, the sinful words. It has imposed on him, both.

‘It gets hot in this room every time we touch‘ . He says drawing away from my arms reluctantly, a while later. ‘You just love teasing me, don’t you?’

‘Yup!’ I cut out a large piece of bacon for my share.

‘Why can’t you give me a normal hickey? Its painful’.

‘And sexy..’ i add, munching the juicy meat.

‘I can’t walk now. Our tour guide will be here in next 30mins‘. He complains

‘Bravo. More fun. You handle your business then before you shower’. I tease. I like teasers. Teasers go best with Will.

‘Revenge is best served cold. This one is for the time, you left me half naked craving, on my apartment’. I reply, holding out my orange juice glass on air. Victory.

‘Its not good to carry grudge for long’. He whimpers again, digging his food.

After a little while, throwing me to surprise, Will stands abruptly from his seat.

‘You got to help me now’ he says, dialling our tour guide’s number. ‘I might have to cancel cause i am fuming with chemicals all over my body now. I have no idea about the next thing i could do. So, for others safety, I might have to lock the house down with us in it and pull all the curtains. But you will have to bear me since you are the one who started it. And I am afraid it will be painful couple of days for you. Really painful’. He scowls his eyes at me.

I look at him shocked.

I knew he was flirting a while ago but now he sounded like a complete psycho. To add to that, his expression was really creepy and he was giving me goosebumps.

‘Hello’ he says on the phone.  ‘Can you come about an hour later. My wife is still asleep.  We had a hectic day yesterday and i don’t want to wake her up now.’  

The guide says something back, to which he replies ‘Ok. Great.’

‘What the hell?’ I punch him hard on his arm. ‘Don’t do that to me again!!’

‘I got you. Didn’t i? Should have seen your face’ He laughs hard, pointing at me and  falling with a big thud on the bed. ‘What if i was really crazy?’ he asks, wiping  his fat tears away.

‘I don’t know’  i reply, smiling alone, re thinking over the words he just said.

‘No matter how crazy he thinks he is, i know he is only half way than me. ‘





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