Will You Into my Will (Chapter 51)


Our tour guide was a very pleasant person. In addition, to our  advantage, he was a free lance photographer as well. So, not only did he lead our ways through the bewildering vista of valleys, rocks and rivers, sharing with us some fascinating history, folklore and tits bits about the place. But, he also took some amazing photos of us, locked inside each other’s arms.  Our presence, so beautiful together that it blended effortlessly with the scenery he captured.

By the time, he had left us at our door despite our insistent invitation for dinner, it was 7pm on the clock. The bicycles were  parked out on our neighbour’s lawn already, bicycle locks neatly secured on all 5 of them. This meant our adrenaline junkie, young group of neighbours were home too, which made me excited. For it was actually the first time, Will and i, were seeing the physical evidence that they exsist, beside the occasional noises we heard when they laughed out aloud or shouted some funny names to each other. ‘Early birds and late bed warmers’ that’s what we called them.   


I step out of my bathroom on my robe and into our room. It had been a tiring day and nothing felt so refreshing than a hot bath, soaking my body into a tub full of warm water for a full 20 minutes. My muscles were relaxed, my body ache was gone, my skin felt very supple and my mind was at ease..

However, what i see next completely over exerts my system again.

For my heart skips it’s beat for a jiff  before tuning back into it’s momentum and my eyes widens, to adjust, to capture what i was perceiving. My mouth gapes open, half drawn by the gravity below, utterly unaware of my action and my lungs stops ventilating, depriving my neurons of it’s precious oxygen.

Will sits there on the bed, his eyes fixed at his cell phone, not noticing me. His fingers slide the screen, above and below as i stare at him, scrolling lazily, scanning for any interesting contents available.  With his upper torso bare, he rests against the pillow on the wall. Relaxed, his right knee is semi flexed supporting the arm and his left leg is straight, covered only half it’s length by  our sheets.

Our table lamp illuminates beside him. It’s light just enough to cast a yellowish-orange hue onto his skin, least bothered of the thick darkness surrounding him, as if, it is beguiled too by his appearance.

I stand awestruck.

Its a Dejavu.. A scene cropped out of my wildest fantasy waiting to happen. He is a character out of my most vivid imagination, waiting to become real..

I undo my robe still in trance, enraptured by him.  It slides down my legs swiftly to the ground  without making a sound.

He lifts his head. Surprised, his eyes fixes into mine, then  drifts away slowly to my almost naked body, covered only on my bottom with a black Lacey cloth.

‘Are you okay?‘ he whispers, once I slither on him. My arms tightening around his torso. ‘No. I am in Love’. My  reply comes out as a helpless cry.

He smiles wholeheartedly.  ‘You sure are feeling clingy today’ he chuckles.  Then landing me a warm smooch on lips. ‘Here’ he says.

‘I want more.. ‘ I push back my lips. Of course, as hormonal as i was feeling, a little kiss was hardly going to turn me off.

‘Love me… I cannot wait anymore.’ i breathe out, touching his lips with my fingers.

The pleasure of hearing me plead sparkles in his eyes.

‘Patience baby’ he taunts me, knowing, it was going to make me more restless. ‘Remember we still need to complete our  talk before we get things more complicated..’ he adds, reminding me of what i told him the other night.


‘I don’t care anymore!’. I almost wail.

 ‘I have  a need. Desperate need.’ I mumble, lowering my voice, feeling the pain of his subtle refusal stab my back now. This wasn’t the first time he was refusing my open invitation.. I still hadn’t forgotten.

‘Hey’ he calls me, noticing me slouch, holding my chin and bringing my face closer to his. ‘How much hungry are you?’.

‘You have no idea’ i reply, locking my eyes with him, my passion on wild fire flickering behind my dark lenses.





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