Will You Into My Will (Chapter 53)


‘How are you?’ Will asks me rubbing his eyes in the morning, seeing me return back to the bed after attending to my nature call. ‘Other than the feeling that there is a big gape in my bottoms and my womb might fall out from there anytime i attempt to cough, and a burning sensation when i pee, plus  the soreness in my lady part down there, I am completely fine. ‘ I reply, over exaggerating my symptoms.

‘Awww..’ Will expresses his sympathy sweetly, cuddling me in, allowing me to rest my  back against his chest.  This is why i over exaggerate, you see. I’m a sucker for his attention. 

‘How sore?’ he asks.

‘From 1 to 10, about 7’.

‘That is not much. How about we do it again and we make it 10?’ He raises his brow, feeling frisky.

‘What?  You don’t really love me, do you?’. I roll my eyes at him.

‘I do. I do. But you got to understand how i express my love’. He jokes.

‘You don’t know how to love’.

‘You might want to take that back..’ He laughs, his laughter resonating alluringly in my ears.

He kisses me softly then on both of my hands, bringing them closer together, trying to prove his point.

‘Ok Ok i see now, you are a gentleman’. I give in.

He laughs again, pulling me tighter in his arms.

‘So tell me, how does losing V feels like?.’ He  asks absent mindedly after a while of playing with my hair, rubbing the dry blood stain on our sheet with his fingers.

‘Don’t do it!’ I pat his hand roughly, to stop him from showcasing his weird behaviour. Unsure now about how i should  respond to his query, i mumble hesitantly ‘Losing V huh? I don’t know..Like its done i suppose. Nothing different’.

‘Uh huh..’. He looks at me, expecting more words, his head bent all over to my side.

‘Er, something like..am a grown up now and i know the big thing Sex…’ I reply again. ‘Anyways how did you feel your first time?’ i divert the question to him.

‘Same thing.’ he answers reluctantly. ‘And special’.

‘Me too.‘ I immediately respond back, hearing his answer, understanding now what he wanted to hear.

‘I am glad my first is you. I would have wanted no one else’. I confess to him, kissing softly dorsum of his hand, curling my fingers into his long slender bones.

‘Do i know her?’i ask; regretting soon later, wanting to withdraw my question.

Too late.

‘Yes’ he replies.


We plan to stay the whole day indoors that day, lazy and laid back lying next to each other, catching up to our missed conversations and having a time off, all for ourselves.

We begin by preparing pasta for our early meal. ‘Good breakfast is important’. Our views match on that. Will does the cooking part and i arrange the things for him, being his wing man. His culinary skills surprises me.  ‘If a man can cook, keep him’, every woman  would agree with me at this point. And especially with Will, i wasn’t planning to be an exception either.

We spend a couple of hours, watching online movies thereafter. ‘Ice age and Madagascar’. Heard of those? Apparently Will had not. No big shock there. He is the type who likes action and  thrillers. Once in a while, he will adjust to  romantic movies, but animations? He wasn’t a big fan. Not because he had seen and didn’t like one but because he had a pre fixed concept that ‘they are for children’. And this often infuriated me. However, today next to me, he had no option. And he was being smart enough, not to make a fuss out of it.

Our first show for the day was ‘Ice age’. Although Will did give an opinion at start, that animation didn’t feel anything real like the movies to him. Past fifteen minutes down the show, he was completely swayed away by the sloth character. ‘Look at him, he is so stupid and funny’ he wouldn’t stop commenting then on every next thing he did. The second was  Madagascar of course, which he found even more hilarious, with funny penguins  and a twisted love story plot between a giraffe and the hippo. ‘Ever thought, what would they give birth to? Try to imagine that…’ he spoke, roaring into laughter.

I had never seen Will like this before. The one i was acquainted to was reserve.. You could never tell what he was thinking of. One moment he would be pulling you towards him and the next moment he would push you 10 feet far. He was smart, confident, kind,  funny, many times confusing, ill tempered and often a jerk. But never so childish, carefree and open..

Understanding this side of him was making me feel more comfortable now, putting thoughts in my head about numerous  possibilities, that may be…Maybe, i did not need to pretend to be some sophisticated adult with him. Maybe, i could just open out about me, be honest with him and he would understand. And maybe, things wouldn’t be as bleak as of now in near future. However, i did not want to risk any chances with him. My subconscious was warning me not to..Cautioning me that  marching my queen out on an open field would be a  foolish move only to be taken down shamelessly by the troops now. ‘Wait. Be Patient..’ it said, for I had vested too much to back out, to wreck down things on my own.

We decide to visit our new favorite eating place then for lunch, ‘The Tavern’ that we  had discovered on our second day here.

On our way out, we see one of our neighbours sitting on the front porch, soaking on the afternoon sun. ‘Hey’ i greet him, as Will locks in our main door. ‘Hey’ the man replies, more of a boy, judging by his haircut and the outfit.

‘I am Carem’ i speak, extending my hand above the fence. ‘And this is Will. Nice to meet you’.

‘Nice to meet you too. I am Matt.’ the boy replies, taking off his sunglasses and shaking my hands and then Wills.

‘I don’t see anyone else at home today’.

Oh yeah. Everyone is out cycling. I was not feeling well, so i stayed back‘ he replies, noticing me look at his loner cycle in their usual  parking lot. ‘You guys headed out?’ he asks.

‘Yeah, to the tavern for lunch. Want us to bring something back for you?’

‘No. No. Thank you very much for asking though’. Matt replies gleefully.

In no time, we are driving then to our destination with ‘Haggies and Tatties’ in our head. After our first course with delicious sausage and potato cuisine, we dig in next to Scottish pudding and a pie. By the time, we were done clearing our plates, both of us could barely sit up straight. Embarrassingly, I even had to un botton my jeans to help me breathe. Thank god for my long tshirt, i realized later that i didn’t even have to worry about wearing it, at all. What a relief! As for Will, when he noticed me walk out of the ladies room only on my tshirt with  my over inflated belly perfectly camouflaged under the stripe patterns of my T, he couldn’t help but whimper. ‘This world is cruel place for men’ he said, his lips curled up, pursed together in an uneasy frown ‘Neither do i have legs like that nor do i have clothes like that. And even if i did, what is between my legs would probably ruin the scene and give nightmares to many’















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