Will You Into My Will (Chapter 57)


A tap on the door wakes me up the next morning. ‘Open the door Cam. At least come out to have breakfast.’ Will calls behind it.

I force a pillow on my face to cover both of my ears.

Today, i wasn’t going to see, hear or talk to this man. It was the least i could do to salvage what little self respect i had for myself, after allowing to be put down shamelessly like a slave yesterday night by him.

3 continuous knocks and he leaves.

Rolling over quickly, hearing his footsteps sound distant,  i grab my cell phone. The first train leaving tomorrow for london was at 10am.  I throw my suitcase on the bed and start putting together all my clothes on it. Then zipping the case, i hide it inside the closet at the corner, making sure it remains  hidden from a direct view.

I contact a  local cab driver then, asking him to pick me up at 6’o clock in the morning tomorrow, to make sure i got to the station before Will woke up and came to check on me.

After that i set my alarm at 5am.  I had to wake up early. I had to leave, as soon as i could, away from this house, away from this place and this man.

A knock on the door stirs me up again. ‘Come on Cam, aren’t you hungry? Open the door.’

I stay still.

Its 1 pm. Of course I’m hungry. But, I had fetched myself enough chips, cookies and water to survive a day inside a room. What did he think? I would starve myself because of him? He could have the whole house to himself, dance around nude, go crazy, hit himself on the wall for all i care.

I open my crisps packet and start  munching on it hungrily. Before i settled down, I had locked down all the windows, pulled down all the heavy curtains and turned on all the lights in the room as well. May be because i had less sleep yesterday night all the brightness in the room was now starting to hurt my eyes, so  i fumble through the drawers to get hold of  my sunglasses too. Then grabbing my pillows and blanket, i sit down on bed flipping the channels on the tv, scouring for any interesting shows.

‘Baby are there?’ Will calls again.

I lower the volume on my TV hearing him. Then, opening another packet of my crisps, i start digging on it.

‘Come on talk to me.’ He pleads.

‘As if i would after what you have done to me. Noway!!’  I flare with anger on my own, crushing the packet of chips on my hand till i could hear them cracking no more.

Silence. I let out a long phew. I needed this peace. Me and my TV all alone.

(Knock, Knock.)

There he goes again.

‘Cam. Cam. Please open the door.’

Suddenly, this makes me laugh. His ‘i care for you’ desperate behaviour, i mean. ‘Does he think i died in here. Oh please…..’ 

I am enjoying this. I’m actually enjoying this. Can you believe it?

The locks on my window glass clatters after a while. ‘Is he trying to peep through the windows now?’ Too bad, i’m one step ahead on this game. ‘Curtains down. Locks secured. All check. Sorry baby.’ I laugh again, my devilish howl.

Back to what i was doing, I ignore him and resume watching my favourite show, ‘Friends’.

4 hours later, i’m bored.  Russ and Rachel getting all lovey dovey together, annoys me. ‘Life isn’t a movie. That’ s never gonna happen! Why can’t they be honest with people?’ I complain; shut the tv down, stomp my foot hard on ground and throw myself to bed. ‘If life did really work out like that i wouldn’t be sitting here like a starved vampire, wearing sun glasses inside my rooms, with curtains down and lights on, on a broad daylight sun. Would i?’ I question.


With nothing to do, I toss and torn around my bed, trying to fall asleep. Hoping the next time i wake up, its 5am in the morning. But time, rarely passes by when you want it to move faster..

My small hideout den starts to look narrow now. The air starts to feel heavy, densely packed with my own vapours..

One hour later i’m out of the room. Sneaking out of the cottage on my black dress and black heels.

I am giving him his space, a complete satisfaction of serene environment without me on it. A  taste of his own medicine as bitter as it is, of course.  And i’m taking my space too. Going out, looking for a company on my last night here, hoping whoever it is  makes me feel beautiful again. 





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