Thank You for reading my work!! I know many times it sounds like crap-load of ramblings but my feelings put into these words are honest and real..

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About the book now, well its rather long and comes in pages and more pages. So be prepared when you think of  starting on it.. I mean get your coffee mug!! 😉 On overview, its a story of a girl ‘Carem Magarath’ madly obsessed with a man ‘Will Davis’ and is written from her point of view. She is the narrator and all the scenes, people and related things depicted are from her perspective. The core of the story revolves around their love-hate relationship between each other and the lies she spins to keep latch onto her obsession. Still 17 and under lawful age Carem talks in the story, about her frustrations and emotional turmoils of wanting a man who is rather elusive and indecisive of his choice between her and his Fiancee and, therefore her compulsion to keep her age a secret from him until his final decision.